Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 1

Andrew Cooper, Summit Entertainment

Dear Ted:  
The People's Choice Awards crept up on me this year, and I'm very surprised to see Breaking Dawn excluded from all categories. It's not even mentioned once! What happened here? Now I know the critics pretty much raked it over the coals, but the fan response was pretty huge! Making it one of the biggest movies of the year! Personally, I loved it, so I'm a little hurt to see it snubbed.
Very Baffled

Dear No Break for Breaking Dawn:
We were surprised, too, since Rob, Kris and the rest of the Twi-crew snagged four awards in 2011, but Harry Potter seems all the rage for 2012. But remember, part two of H.P. is stealing the spotlight, and we've still got a whole ‘nother half of Breaking Dawn to get excited for. Me thinks Breaking Dawn will feel the love, just perhaps in 2013. Better luck at the Teen Choice Awards!

Dear Ted:  
I was wondering about paparazzi and the relationship with certain stars. I was recently wondering about Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes and how I have only seen Eva in about three movies but yet the paparazzi know where she is all the time. Is she like a certain Blake Lively and plans for these outings, or how do the paparazzi always know where certain stars are? Makes it seem less real of a relationship with Ryan, but I am sure it is real, but she is sure getting something out of it.

Dear Mutual Benefits:
I'll level with you, L, the paps are crazy for this twosome, but Ry and Eva aren't the type to pull stunts for the tabloids. Now, that certainly doesn't mean a few extra public outings might benefit both these two (award season is around the corner), but that doesn't mean this duo is staged. Get it?

Dear Ted:  
Why are you so mean to Taylor Lautner? Abduction wasn't a bomb! What about your precious Kristen Stewart? Adventureland, The Yellow Handkerchief, The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys -all massive flops! Abduction more than doubled its money, some of K.Stew's movies didn't even make a tenth of the money back! Taylor is bankable, Kristen, without the word Twilight attached, is the real sinking ship!

Dear Sink Your Own Ship:
If you're seriously going to make me defend my very firm opinion Abduction totally sucked consider this: all four of the K.Stew movies you named had a higher rating on IMDb than Abduction. Sorry, S, but box office numbers aren't the only indication of a solid flick. Abduction, bombed and I'm sticking to it—Taylor trying a Tom Cruise persona just doesn't work, period.

Dear Ted:
So the news came out about Lea Michele returning next year. But what I want to know is will Dianna Agron also return for Glee. What's the word on her plans? Will Fox keep or let her go?
Missing Quinn Already  

Dear Don't Cry for Quinn:
There's still hope, doll, but I would consider crushing on another character. After all, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith will all be returning to the boob tube, but since, like, zero announcements have been made over Dianna's return, I'm thinking the odds don't look good. But don't worry about Dianna—gal's gorgeous and mega-talented—we're sure she'll have a new gig in no time if Glee doesn't pan out.  

Dear Ted:
Just read that Lindsay Lohan is playing Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie. Please tell me this isn't true or is this another PR item set up by Dina?

Dear We Hope Not:
Sorry, M, it's totally true that LiLo's in early talks to play the Hollywood legend. We were pretty peeved, too, until we considered the slim possibility Linds could channel her drama into the part. Do you agree? 

Dear Ted:
Do celebs get pregnant on purpose to keep their men or for publicity? Maybe like Genevieve Cortese who's married to Jared Padalecki? She's a no-namer and now she seems to be around a lot in media blogs with captions such as "Jared and his preggo wife," "Jared and his mama to be wife," etc.

Dear Preggers for Publicity?
Hmm, looks like you do have some sass for this suggestion, but don't be so hard on Ms. Cortese. Gal's not a no-name, she's just the less-famous half of the duo. There are better ways for publicity, doll, ever thought this chick simply wanted a baby onboard?

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