The class list for Glee's fourth season is shaping up: Lea Michele will be back. Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith, as well. And it sounds like Naya Rivera is returning (and she's "excited," too!)

But the senior class is large, and we're certainly missing some names for season four. One is Mark Salling, who we caught up with at the Fox TCA All-star party. Here's what he had to say about returning for another season of Glee

Basically, if he's asked, he'll be back.

"It's just nice to really be able to work with the people I do and have the job I do," Mark tells our own Kristin Dos Santos. " I feel blessed. And if they want to have me back, I'd love to."

But while he awaits his fate, Mark admits that he has been guilty of trolling the internet "hard," and he is aware of the fans wanting Puck and Rachel or Puck and Quinn (Dianna Agron) to get back together.

"People are pretty passionate about their "shippings," he says in the understatement of the decade. "It's always fun to come back to [the couples] and I'm sure they will revisit that in some way or another, so [fans] can always look forward to that."

But because he didn't want to start a Puckleberry vs. Quick fanwar, gracefully sidestepped our question about which girl he prefers Pick with. "What about Kurt?" he jokes. "What about a "Purt" episode? They could join forces in one way or another, but probably not romantically."

Check out our full interview with Mark at the top, and get some insight on the strange phenomenon that is Puck's morphing Mohawk.

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