Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Reed Saxon-Pool/Getty Images

While sanity undoubtedly runs low in this town, some families certainly have more than others.

And after the whole Griffin O'Neal incident last week, we couldn't help but notice this very tragic family trend. From drug busts, to daddy issues, to depression, the craziness in H'wood only gets worse with these famous fams.

So, as we take a look back at the most dysfunctional dynasties, we're happy to report some have totally turned their luck around. Like Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie—both beautiful ladies totally beat the odds, and turned a run-in with dysfunction into a quest for success.

And while there are some still struggling to find their way in Hollyweird, we have faith they can get it together (LiLo, we're talking to you doll).

But hey, Team Truth has hope for all these dazzling dynasties…even if craziness does run in a family's genes.

So check out our gallery below, and let us know who you think packs the most dysfunction into the same family tree!

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