Justin Timberlake

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Justin Timberlake brought sexyback, but should he have brought a razorback as well?

The multihyphenate star proved that being a pop star-actor-tech dude isn't all he can do: He's also sporting some serious scruff on his famous mug. The Social Network star showed up at the nerdfest CES convention in Las Vegas to talk about Myspace TV, which he has a stake in.

Should this beard, like everything else that happens in Sin City, stay in Vegas once Timberlake leaves?

We don't know. This could this be for his next movie role—or maybe it's just what happens when guys get engaged. Perhaps Jessica Biel likes it. Or, you know, perhaps not.

What do you think: Does this add a little grizzly action to his already good looks? Or does the fuzz foul up a fine thing? These questions don't answer themselves, people.

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