American Horror Story


Just because season two of American Horror Story is taking place in a totally new house doesn't mean the new tenants (whoever they may be) won't need a naughty housekeeper to keep the place nice and tidy.

Cue Alexandra Breckenridge, who spent the majority of season one donning a sexy little maid's outfit and bit off at least one penis (that we know of). When we caught up with her at the Audi and Martin Katz Golden Globe kickoff party, we were dying to know if we'd be seeing her again:

Because remember, creator Ryan Murphy teased that he was hoping to bring a few familiar faces back in completely new roles.

But it seems Alexandra knows as much as we do about who will and won't be returning for season two. Which is zilch.

She did tell reporters she thinks Ryan is hoping to bring back fan (and critic) fave Jessica Lange. And why wouldn't he?! She only stole every friggin' scene she was in—and has the nominations to prove it.

But back to Alex. Instead we wondered if the now unemployed housekeeper (at least on the boob tube) had been cooking up any character ideas and pitching them to Ryan:

"I haven't thought about any kind of character because I don't know where they're going with the show exactly," She 'fessed to us while strutting the carpet at Cecconi's in West Hollywood in a hot red mini-dress. "I know it's taking place…somewhere else, not in the house."

Either way, Alexandra is in.

"I would like to be attached to the show no matter what they're doing," She gushed. "I think any character that Ryan and Brad would dream up would be amazing…I'll play anything."

Oh, and if you're wondering whether Alexandra took home her French maid's costume from season one? Sorry to burst your bubble:

"I already have a box of lingerie at home," she teased us. "I don't need the maid's outfit."

But speaking of all that skin, why not switch it up completely in season two: Hey, Ryan Murphy, might we suggest you introduce a fiery redheaded nun?! Spooky religious stuff is all the rage these days.

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