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    Charles Barkley Imitates Shaquille O'Neal, Dresses in Drag on Saturday Night Live

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    Charles Barkley has never claimed to be an actor, but the former NBA baller took a break from his TNT gig to host Saturday Night Live for the third time (and act in a few skits while he was at it).

    "It's great to be hosting Saturday Night Live again," Barkley said in his monologue. "This is my third trip hosting Saturday Night Live. I bet none of ya'll thought I'd do it three times, but that's okay, I did. I bet Scottie Pippen, and now he owes me $75,000."

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    And while he was kicking off the show, Barkley addressed the elephant in the room: his super slimmed-down figure.

    "For those of you saying Sir Charles looks less gigantic, thank you very much," Barkley went on. "I teamed up with Weight Watchers. I lost 38 pounds. As I like to think of it, one Mugsy Bogues."

    "Weight Watchers worked for me," Barkley continued. "I feel great, except for one thing. I am so hungry. I am starving. So, please forgive me if I eat one of you tonight. Ya'll all look like turkey legs to me."

    Then, it was time for the show. 

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    While Barkley's stint as host of Investigation Discovery's "White People Problems" was humorous (he couldn't exactly get all of his words out, but hey, still funny!). And in the "Joann's Announcement" skit he dressed up in drag to tell friends he's a lesbian (a shocker because he's "all high heels and champagne," per Kristin Wiig), Barkley really shined in the NBA on TNT skit, in which he impersonated Shaquille O'Neal.

    "It's me. I'm here now. I'm on TV. I'm Shaq," Barkley said.

    And Keenan Thompson brought back his spot-on impersonation of Barkley (while Barkley was sitting right there).

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    "Man Shaq you gotta enunciate," Thompson said. "You makin' me sound like Sidney Poitierrr."

    Later on in the show, Kelly Clarkson, who Barkley referred to as a "turkey leg," performed "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" and "Mr. Know It All."

    So what did you think of Barkley's return to SNL? Did he bring his A-game? Or, should he stick to calling the shots on TNT?

    (NBC's Saturday Night Live and E! are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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