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When Jessica Simpson walked out on stage yesterday at the TV Critics Press Tour to promote her new show Fashion Star, she appeared to be about 17 months pregnant. With twins.

She's not, of course. But she is certainly ready to pop. And it's not fair how beautiful she looked while sporting that baby bump. Thankfully, she was in great sprits while talking to us about why she fell in love with Fashion Star's concept and the quick arrival of her maternity line. Plus, we did a little test with her to help predict the sex of her first born…You're welcome!

Simpson has yet to find out the sex of her baby (by choice), but she admitted to us her resolve is going to crack, and she'll want to know soon. "I think it's going to happen," she says. "It's hard to keep that secret from yourself. Now that we're about to start the nursery, I kind of want to know."

Kristin to the rescue! Check out the interview below to see our baby test, and if you happen to be in a "Jessica Simpson's Baby Gender" pool at work, you owe us half the money you get when you win.

As for that maternity line, you won't have to wait nine months for that line to deliver itself to stores (pregnancy puns are fun). Jessica Simpson: Maternity will be on shelves as early as February! "It's really challenging to find adorable stuff. And fashionable stuff and stuff that doesn't make you look like a house," she tells us. "You want stuff that's flattering to your bump; you want to show your bump off. We're going to come out with some really great stuff. Lots of cute denim for all the ladies out there who are afraid to get dressed up pregnant."

But if you expect to see Simpson showing off her bump via denim on Fashion Star, you're out of luck. " We shot the show before I got pregnant. We shot the entire thing between July and August. I mean, I could have gotten pregnant in there somewhere!" she laughs.

(Bravo and E! are part of the NBCUniversal family.)

—Reporting by Kristin Dos Santos

Are you excited for Fashion Star? How about Jessica's maternity line? You think our baby-sex test is highly scientific...right?

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