Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Forgive our vampy hearts for wanting to swoon over Robsten's hotness at their latest and highly exclusive date night.

After all, this has been the year of Robsten confirmations—Kristen Stewart admitted "my boyfriend is English" and Robert Pattinson admitted the two might be "technically married"—and we couldn't have been more excited that the duo finally seemed down to dish they're totally together.

So, when we tried to get official confirmation of their recent low-key date at Soho House West Hollywood (not just from fellow guests but the club itself), we expected uh, more than what we got.

But, what we did learn?

Robsten's camp is definitely back to its old ways—and more private than ever.

When we spoke to Soho House for an executive confirmation, the incredibly exclusive, members-only club seemed at first too eager to confirm a celebrity sighting.

That is, until we uttered the very holy names who were inquiring about: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. To that, they suddenly seemed very quiet.

And since a simple yes or no can't be too tough, we're thinking Camp Robsten may have gotten involved to make sure Robsten's date stayed private and paparazzi-free. After all, the cuties' campers are known for some seriously aggressive mama-bear protection. So is it back to biz as usual? Keeping the couple's activities tight-lipped?

All this back and forth from Robsten—staying private, going public, going more private—is driving us crazy. One minute you act like a couple and the next it's like you've friggin' disappeared.

So, while we'll always have a place for Rob and Kris in our hearts, we're kinda over this game and looking for another couple to go ga-ga over.

We need at least one other bad be-yotch and hunky dude to set our hearts afire.

Any takers?

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