Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain hasn't been dubbed this year's award season darling for nothing.

And she's not going anywhere...except, well, from Hollywood to Broadway. Yesterday it was announced that Jessica would be leaving behind T-town—where she made a huge, huge splash last year—to hit the stage in a fall 2012 staging of the play The Heiress.

Which to us screams: Tony! And since Jess is already getting plenty of buzz for Oscars, we have zero doubt that the gal could eventually go for the EGOT (that'd be an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). So Team Truth laid out her award show-stealin' road map.

And in reverse order, here it is:

Tony: The Heiress, of course. The show itself has already won Tony Awards in the past and boasts "one of the greatest female roles written for the stage." The same role, in fact, that Cherry Jones took home a Tony for when she performed in the show's 1995 Lincoln Center production.

This leads us to believe that not only will the oh-so-talented Ms. Chastain have no problem making the mucho-put-upon and terribly lovesick character of Catherine Sloper her own, but will leave the stage with plenty of positive reviews and maybe a shiny trophy too.

Oscar: There are two easy ways we can see Jessica taking home a little gold man: First, since she's already won over SAG, Golden Globe and Critics' Choice voters for her Best Supporting Role performance as Celia Foote in The Help, who's to say she won't win the Academy over too and take home an Oscar this year?

But if she goes home empty handed—which very well could happen, as sad as it might be—The Heiress also made its way to the big screen before and won Olivia de Havilland a Best Actress Academy Award in 1949. Assuming her tour de Broadway goes swimmingly, we have no doubt a remake could be in the works. And for that we'd say instant Oscar!

Grammy: Here's the tricky one for us: We can't ever remember having heard Jess sing before. We're actually not even positive if she can. But with all her other talents, we're sure the lucky broad has an excellent voice (a soprano singing voice, as one of her fansites boats) and can easily knock out a song in one of her upcoming flicks. And that can score a nom from the Grammy voters as one of the categories recognizes music written for the "Visual Medium." But we figure the Grammy will be the last award she brings home. Which leaves us with...

Emmy: As most actresses do, Jessica started on TV with stints on ER, Law & Order: Trial by Jury and (our fave blast from the boob tube past) Veronica Mars. And while we think she could snatch a Best Cameo Emmy for a stint on the small screen (preferably in a racy HBO-type show), we figure a Mini-Series or TV movie is more her speed.

Ya know, à la Claire Danes and her conquering of every award shows, like, ever with Temple Grandin. It is hardly a stretch to think a powerful role like that couldn't be written for Jessica. So get to writing, all you scribes in T-town.

We (and Jessica) can't do all the work to make this EGOT happen!

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