Mark Wahlberg

MLS, Denise Truscello/WireImage

Do you have $14 million to spend on a New Year's resolution? Then you, too, can look like Mark Wahlberg if you're attempting (like us mere mortals) to get fit for 2012!

And since the dude most def has a bod to envy, we had to scope out the dream gym up for sale in Wahlberg's Beverly Hills home.

Check it out and get your treadmill started, because his pad, and a few others, are all fit for pumping some serious iron (and shedding those holiday pounds).

And it's no wonder Wahlberg's home has such a high price tag—complete with a sports court, putting green and a pool—the fitness center is way more glam than any standard gym.

Besides, who wouldn't want to workout where The Fighter himself trained—mucho motivation for those of us still feeling the post-Holiday blues.

But if you're not looking to snag abs like Wahlberg, perhaps you would prefer working out in peace like sports-star couple Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece?

Mark Wahlberg


Right near the waves in Maui, the surf king and volleyball queen transformed their entire first floor into a work-out studio (some serious dedication if ya ask us).

And since this pad hit the market for only a casual $2.75 million, it's a much more affordable option for those of us trying to trim down.

Then again, it's easy to see why a resolution to drop some pounds is so friggin' hard to keep, with all the time and money celebs put into their bods.

You know what they say: It's never easy looking damn good in T-town.

And if you want to see other posh pads complete with gyms to die for, check out and good luck on your resolutions! 

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