David Beckham


Where in the world will David Beckham's career take him?

After the soccer star's five-year contract with the L.A. Galaxy ended this past November—and with a huge victory in the MLS Cup championships, no less—his fate is still undecided.

But one thing is for sure: He and wife Victoria won't be packing the kids up and moving to Paris.

The president of soccer team Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser al-Khelaifi, confirmed that the British stud won't be joining the French club.

"David Beckham is not coming," al-Khelaifi said today at the Qatar Open tennis tournament. "We feel a little disappointed. But both sides agreed it would be better that we not do the deal."

He also spilled the beans that Becks "is in Los Angeles...and he's going to stay there."

Whether that's true or not remains to be seen, but sources close to the situation reveal to E! News, "The Galaxy and David have been focused on soccer and winning the MLS trophy cup. There is no confirmation to what club David is going to. Family is very important to David and it will always be a factor in David's decision and they are very happy in L.A."

An official announcement from Team Beckham is expected by the end of this week.

Even though the father of four's day job is uncertain, there's no doubt his side gig as a celeb fashion designer has kicked into high gear.

The first ad for the 36-year-old's line of bodywear for H&M debuted today, revealing who else but the hottie himself stripped down to his skivvies and flaunting his toned bod and tattoos. The undies will be available in stores around Valentine's Day.

Like the saying goes, If you want the job done right, might as well do it yourself.

—Additional reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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