Katy Perry, Russell Brand

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Dear Ted:
Katy Perry and Russell Brand have split! Could Vicey behavior be behind it?

Dear Vicey Split:
You're right on track, doll, Vicey behavior definitely played a role in this divorce. So sad, really, but I'll admit I'm not entirely surprised. After all, very different Vices do lead to irreconcilable differences, no?

Dear Ted:
We all know Leonardo DiCaprio is desperate for an Oscar, but do you think he wants it enough to plan photo ops with Erin Heatherton? Some new pics of them in L.A. are taken from such close proximity that they would have to know that the pap was there. My question is, does Leo really think a new romance will help him bring home the statue? (P.S. I have my money on George Clooney.)

Dear Dating for an Oscar:
Look, E, Leo's into Erin—besides, dude can only go a couple months without a new model by his side. But Leo is known for his hunky status, and having a little extra arm candy around Oscar season certainly can't hurt. Especially if he is up against über-sexy Mr. Clooney—who, by the way, I also loved in The Descendants.

Dear Ted:
Are Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana really a serious couple?

Dear Fake Relaysh?:
Word is the two are totally together—but are they serious? Doubtful, since Zoe just ended an 11-year relaysh. I'm not putting much faith in the couple, but then again, maybe Zoe found happiness with the Sexiest Man Alive?

Dear Ted:

Looks like I was right about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The original movie was too recent for one thing, and the original cast did a very good job, so I, for one, had no interest in a remake. They should have waited at least 10 years. I also think the look of the Girl was too over the top. I still need a job; someone should hire me as a casting agent. By the way, I went to see The Descendants on Xmas day and I kept thinking that George Clooney finally played a person that looked real. I like some of George's other movies, but it always seemed like his movie starness seemed to overshadow the characters he played.
Miss P

Dear Enough With The Girl:
We disagree, Miss P. We loved the look of Rooney Mara in GWDT, and totally think her transformation made the movie. As for your thoughts on George? I completely agree—the character was a complete departure from George's bachelor status—a perfect role for Oscar season.

Dear Ted:
What happened to Gerald Butler—he used to be so good looking, and now? Is it just boozing and women doing him in or does he have another Blind Vice? Thanks.

Dear Not So Hot:
No extra Vice for Mr. B, but dude's hardly the type to slow down. He may not be as hot, but don't be so hard on Gerard! He's still sexy, and this town ages you, babe, trust.

Dear Ted:
No question for ya this time. Just a huge thank you for turning me on to Lana Del Rey! Let's make her a star. I am already totally obsessed...the music is sort of like Kate Bush meets Adele, and she looks like Catherine Deneuve or any number of French movie stars circa the '60s and '70s. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And Happy New Year!

Dear Lana Fan:
Of course, T! We adore Lana and think the gal is totally meant to be a superstar. Glad we could turn you on to someone we find so fabulous. And happy new year to you too!

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