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There's about to be a bro fight in New York City!

Tension reared its ugly head on Kourtney & Kim Take New York tonight when Kim Kardashian's husband, Kris Humphries, and her BFF Jonathan Cheban butted heads over the latter's secretive love life. Kris just couldn't let the topic of Jonathan's sexual preference die, leading to some majorly awkward moments between the trio. 

As if that weren't enough, Scott Disick's lavish impulse buys seriously clashed with Kourtney Kardashian's new obsession: extreme couponing!

The drama starts when Kim, Kris and Jonathan go shopping for potpourri. Kris's curiosity gets the best of him and he has to ask Jonathan the million-dollar question: "Are you gay?" Jonathan is shocked, saying, "You can't be that naive." Yes, it's about to go down between Kim's husband and BFF.

"I am so embarrassed right now. Kris just does whatever he thinks and he just has to be sensitive," Kim says of her husband after Jonathan tells her that Kris asked him if he was gay.  Later, when she's hanging out with Jonathan, Kim decides to find out if her BFF is into guys or girls. "Who really cares?" Kim says of Jonathan's sexuality, after finding out that Jonathan has never been in love, which really makes her "sad."

"He's gay or he's a serial killer," Kris says to Kim after she tells him Jonathan has never been in love. Kim is annoyed that Kris will not drop the issue. Kim and Kris decide to talk to their friend Simon about Jonathan's sexuality. Simon has never seen Jonathan run off with either a guy or a girl, but says he's never gotten a gay vibe from him. When asked why Jonathan's sexuality matters to him, Kris says he doesn't feel comfortable with his wife hanging out alone with him if he's straight. 

A few days later, Kim and Kris are having lunch and Jonathan decides to join them. Worried that it might be awkward, Kris apologizes to Jonathan, saying he just asked to get to know him better. "It's not a big deal to me," Jonathan says. "But other people could be offended." Jonathan then says he has a date that night, which Kris finds "fishy."

When Kris continues to question Jonathan about his sexuality, Kim's BFF fires back at him, saying, "I'll just call you unemployed," and asking, "Have you ever been on a private plane before Kim?" While Kim tries to defuse the situation, Kris is extremely mad at Jonathan, saying,"I want to punch him in the face." 

Jonathan invites Kim and Kris over for dinner and invites his date as well. "There's no way Jonathan really has a real date," Kris says. Kris grills Jonathan and his date. "He needs to just not go there," Kim says. Kris asks the date, "Did you think Jonathan was gay when you first met him?" Jonathan responds by calling Kris "sick." After they leave, Kris tells Kim he's convinced Jonathan's date was playing along.

The next day, Simon comes to their apartment to tell them Jonathan is extremely upset, "freaking out" over Kris's behavior. Simon tells Kris that he was outed by someone and it was the worst thing that ever happened to him, and Kris decides to leave it alone as he doesn't want to hurt Jonathan. Kris apologizes to Jonathan over drinks. "I'm not angry at you," Jonathan says. "People have weird impressions of me." Kris reasons that he was just trying to get to know him better, and Jonathan explains that he just wants to be "mysterious."

After seeing a piano and thinking it would look good in the apartment, Scott buys it on impulse. Kourtney is less than thrilled...considering Scott has no idea how to play the piano. He decides to learn after Kourtney tells him she'll "do him dirty" on the piano if he does. Later, he performs "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and wins the bet. However, Kourtney says he has to return the piano afterward. Here's hoping they had it cleaned before doing so.

Aside from the piano fiasco, Kourtney decides to try out extreme couponing. 'It's not about saving money," Kourtney says. "It's a game." Kim and Kourtney go food shopping together, and the new coupon enthusiast is upset to learn she only saved $7. "She really should just spend more time with Scott than couponing," Kris says of Kourtney's new hobby. 

Later, Kourtney goes to meet Brooke, "a friend of a friend," to trade coupons. Brooke gives Kourtney some tips, including how to be more organized and how to make money. "You are one big loser," Kris tells Kourtney. "You are a millionaire." Scott, Kim and Kris decide to hide her coupon binder, and Scott confronts her about her new enthusiasm. "I feel like I barely get to see you," Scott tells her, and Kourtney decides to tone down the couponing.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Kris was out of line with Jonathan? If you were Kim, how would you have handled the situation? Do you think Kourtney's couponing obsession was getting out of control? Sound off in the comments!

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