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    Russell Brand Spotted in London—Without His Wedding Ring

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    Russell Brand
    Russell Brand Flynetpictures.com

    As signs go, it's not the best.

    Rumors of trouble in paradise have plagued Russell Brand and Katy Perry for months now, but this seems to be the most damning evidence yet that those reports may not have been completely unwarranted.

    Just a day after it emerged that the couple spent Christmas apart (like, 3,000 miles apart), Brand was spotted walking solo around London—and here's the rub—without his wedding ring.

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    Reps for the couple—who, granted, have never been quick to confirm or deny the rumors that surround the duo even in the best of times—have not yet commented on any of the swirling rumors.

    And neither Russell nor Katy have addressed this latest (though most ardent) round of impending breakup reports on their Twitter pages.

    In any case, the 36-year-old's bling-free foray in the U.K. comes roughly a week after the 27-year-old music superstar also went ringless. Though her occasion, granted, was much more understandable, as she was splashing around in the surf when she was photographed without her matching band.

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    Whether the end is nigh for the couple—who celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in October—or not, the rumors are nothing new. And both, so far, have eventually gotten round to silencing their relationship death knells.

    Just last month, Russell sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and flat-out denied any trouble, saying, "I am really happily married."

    Time will tell if it stays that way. Though we certainly hope so.

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