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Glitter shadow? Check. Moisturizing gloss? Check. Shimmery bronzer? Check. You've got your New Year's Eve look all mapped out but do you have a nail plan?

We checked with celebrity nail stylist Jenna Hipp —she paints everyone from Lea Michele, Britney Spears and Michelle Williams to Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore and Rachel McAdams—for a great holiday party look that could last well into 2012, and here's what she suggests:

"I love the look of a classic white nail. It celebrates the season, looks great on every skin tone, and completes any outfit."

Keep reading for more of Hipp's great manicure ideas and beauty tips....

Do you try a lot of new looks during the holidays?
"The holidays is a great time to try new looks!  Because people are feeling festive and in the holiday spirit it's not so surprising to see nails decorated like Christmas presents or have little painted pictures of snowflakes. Now, granted, in the middle of July, we might think that was a little crazy. If you're not sure, try it on your toes first!"

Is there anything too tacky to try during the holidays?
"I'm not a fan of anything too obvious. Sparkly, glittery red or green is festive, sure, but it's been done a million times. Instead, try a deep, almost black-green. Painting black as the first layer adds richness and sophistication to the final effect and is much more modern than just plain green." 

What's a beauty lesson you live by?
"If you haven't been consuming enough water, it shows in your skin, especially your hands. Additionally, it is a main cause of swelling in the feet and ankles. Drink filtered water infused with cubes of fresh fruit such as grapes, pineapple or cantaloupe to add flavor as well as vitamins to keep skin looking plump, healthy and glowing."

Do you have any New Year's resolutions?
"Prevention and maintenance. Start by budgeting in weekly manicures or give your nails a little more attention at home. Wear gloves when cleaning and washing dishes and keep a mani-maintenance kit with you in your car or purse at all times. Being prepared with the proper tools will eliminate the uncontrollable desire to bite, pick and chew rough skin and jagged, broken nails. It's also great to take your own tools in with you to the salon where you know they have just been used on your nails. It's better to be safe than sorry! I am hearing of more and more horror stories of fungus and infections resulting from unsanitary salons. So just pay close attention to the process and don't let anyone cut your cuticles!"  

Do you have any nail style predictions to share for 2012?
"Nail art is becoming even bigger because it's so accessible and so easy to do yourself. With the new technology of dry nail polish, it's simple to apply nail art in minutes that would otherwise take a technician hours to do."

What about shape?
"Shape can play a bigger part than you realize.  Long, oval nails represent glamour, complementing fall clothing trends and fabrics. A shorter nude nail can also be chic if worn with confidence. Round out edges for a softer, more gentle effect, while a blunt, short square nail screams you're no-nonsense and ready for business."

Is there anything you'd like to see disappear?
"The square, French manicure and pedicure is truly a look that's overly done, and one my celebrity clients steer clear from. I know so many women (including the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) are gasping for air right now! But seriously, do you really want to pay good money to give the illusion of grown-out toenails? I'll pass. Instead, opt for a nude nail that complements your skintone."

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