Watch out for flying biscuits!

We just saw Dolly Parton chucking a few at Queen Latifah.

But don't worry...

It's from a scene in Joyful Noise, the music superstars' new feel-good flick about a small-town choir competing for a national championship.

"I told her not only can we do a great movie and can we make some good songs, but we can actually really uplift people's spirit," Latifah says about her initial talks with the country legend.

"We can save people's souls," she continued. "Not that we're preachers, but we can really give people a positive feeling when they leave the movie theater."

And it wouldn't be a Parton project if there weren't some good self-deprecating cracks about her plastic surgery.

"Who gives a rat's behind if I've had a few nips and tucks," Parton says in just-released footage of her and Latifah's characters arguing in a restaurant. "God didn't make plastic surgeons so they could starve!"

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