Holy Hobbit!

Ever wondered just how much it takes to pull off and create an epic film like The Lord of the Rings' prologue, The Hobbit? Well, now you'll know!

Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson has released a new production diary from the set of the LOTR prequel. And the always web-savvy director offers up exactly the kind of detailed making-of video that fans have come to expect.

After 110 days shooting in the studio, the massive crew of 500, and cast members like Elijah Wood, head outdoors to the scenic wilds of New Zealand in what they describe as "the biggest logistical move in cinematic history"—packing up and preparing everything from hobbit feet and makeup to goats and chickens and even their own toilets.

The video also documents Elijah's first time. First time visiting Hobbiton, that is. 

Recalling the beginning of the Lord of the Rings, Wood reminisces about his first brush with the fictional yet oddly realistic Middle Earth village when he was just 19 years old—"I'm 30 now...I'll never forget that feeling of coming to Hobbiton for the first time."

And, we'll never forget learning about the construction of the magical town—and just exactly what it takes to pull off a Peter Jackson film!

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