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Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the final stretch of the $25,000 E! Celeb of the Year tournament and the action is seriously heating up.

Not only do we have the winners of our four brackets, Leading Ladies, Newsmakers, Leading Men and Hitmakers, but the results of our Wild Card round are in and that means four additional celebs are getting a second chance at glory!

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But first the results. In the Leading Ladies bracket, No. 1 seed Kristen Stewart took home the win over No. 6 Mila Kunis with 74 percent of the vote. It was a great year for Mila, but it's tough to unseat a new vampire. It's when they're at their strongest.

In Newsmakers, No. 5 Kate Middleton's fairy-tale year continued as she sent the usually "winning" No. 2 Charlie Sheen home with 74 percent of your votes as well. And similarly dominating was Leading Man Robert Pattinson. K.Stew's fictional husband and the No. 2-ranked player brought in 70 percent of your votes to win the bracket outright against No. 4 Ryan Reynolds.

Things were somewhat closer in the Hitmakers bracket where No. 8 Britney Spears and No. 2 Katy Perry were squaring off. But in the end it was Britney who came out on top with with a solid 64 percent to claim the victory.

But it isn't a walk in the park for these celebs. They're going up against four newcomers, the winners of our Wild Card round: Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and new inductee Drake who rapped himself into the competition thanks to your tweets!

Celeb of the Year 2011: Quarterfinals!
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