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    Is Robert Pattinson Trying to Sleep His Way to Oscar Gold in the Bel Ami Trailer?!

    Tread carefully, Robsten lovers, 'cause the new Bel Ami trailer features Robert Pattinson getting it on with a whole slew of leading ladies—and (gasp!) there's no sign of Kristen Stewart.

    And while R.Pattz looks sexy as ever, we couldn't help but notice the movie's trailer seems to focus on only one aspect of the drama-filled story. To put it elegantly: All we see is Rob's character banging as many chicks as his hunky self can handle!

    So what's the real deal with Rob's onscreen romping around?

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    Well, if ya ask us, this movie has all the makings for award season glory. At least it wants to.

    While Pattinson's smoldering stare may steal the spotlight, we couldn't help but notice all the ladies by his side have received major recognition in their careers.

    Remember Uma Thurman's Oscar nom for Pulp Fiction? Or Kristin Scott Thomas' Academy Award for The English Patient? And what about Christina Ricci's critical acclaim for The Opposite Sex?

    Yeah, we're not entirely surprised producers had the brilliantly idea to place Pattinson among this A-list cast. Maybe with all that intimate touchin', some of their awards-season luck will rub off on the Twilight star.

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    And even though the film has relied on Rob's hotness to draw in fans thus far, we're still excited to see if Rob can pull off the oh-so-serious acting needed to nail this role…and his (future) chances at some golden trophies.

    What say you, Awful readers, can Robert Pattinson pull off the horizontal Oscar climb?

    Or is it simply too tough to watch Rob get it on with everyone but Kristen Stewart?

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