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    Julia Roberts and Lily Collins Face Off in Mirror Mirror Poster

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    Mirror Mirror
    Mirror Mirror Relativity Media

    This poster is about as sugary sweet as we expected.

    Mirror Mirror, aka one of the two Snow White installments set to hit theaters in 2012 (this one obviously doesn't feature Kristen Stewart, got the poster treatment and it gives us some face time with stars Lily Collins and Julia Roberts.

    So before we break it down, we gotta know: From your first glance at the one sheet, will you be lining up for this one when it hits theaters?

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    We're still undecided. Tho, who are we kidding, we're sure we'll be there opening night, if just for shirtless Armie Hammer alone.

    Which is something we think could have helped this poster. Man candy never hurt anyone, did it?

    But anyways, the poster stays in line with the comedy shtick the film showed off in its trailer, with smirking Lily looking cute as a button in her signature blue Snow White gown and tiara while holding one of those dreaded apples (just to really remind you this is a Snow White flick).

    Here's our beef:

    We adore Julia Roberts. Like love, love, love the actress, but we're not loving what we've seen so far from her "evil" queen. While Charlize Theron seems downright dastardly in the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer, Jules comes off mildly bitchy.

    And in the poster she looks just, well, mildly annoyed at best.

    Whatever, moving on: We couldn't help but notice that in big bold letters the poster reminds you that the fairy tale flick comes out March 16, 2012—a few months before SWATH bows on June 1 (a battle the two films duked out earlier this year).

    So you tell us: Will you be lining up for Mirror Mirror or saving your money for K.Stew's showing? Sound off below.

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