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Is Marc Anthony out to make the mother of his twins "suffer"?

"They are portraying Marc as this horrible dad, but it's really unfair because anyone who knows him knows that the kids are the most important thing in the world to him," a source close to Anthony tells E! News in response to a report that Jennifer Lopez's ex is suddenly gunning for joint custody of twins Max and Emme, instead of sticking to the agreement that they already politely hashed out which gave Lopez primary custody.

A rep for Lopez had no comment on Us Weekly's Anthony-bashing cover, but our source insists that nothing has changed as far as what the former couple wants for their children.

"They are in the process of divorce, and Marc has been looking for joint custody. That has never changed, it's what he had been seeking the whole time," the source says.

Then again, it's only hindsight that's 20/20.

"I can't guarantee it won't be an ugly custody battle," the source adds, "because no one can predict the future, but Marc's goal of joint custody has never changed. That's what they initially discussed, and that's what the lawyers are working on."

So, if Anthony isn't out to make Lopez "suffer" because he's hurt by her relationship with dancer Casper Smart, how does he feel about his soon-to-be ex-wife's new guy?

"He is not upset, she can date anyone," our Anthony source says. "All he cares about is the kids and, like any responsible parent, he wants to make sure his kids aren't exposed to strangers."

Like the source said, no one can guarantee this won't get ugly (see: Halle Berry, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Anne Heche, etc.). But, according to our insider, Anthony is committed to hammering out a schedule in which he sees Max and Emme, who will be 4 in February, as much as possible.

"Joint custody has always been the case," the source says. "He wants to spend as much time as possible with the kids. [He and Lopez] are two people with complicated schedules. While he travels, she has the kids, and when he's in town, he wants access to the kids—they have complicated lives when it comes to scheduling."

And as for the rumor that things are heating up between Anthony and model Adriana Ontiveros...we got no denial.

"He's been dating, too," the source confirms. "He hasn't gone out in public with anyone yet. Why expose someone to the public?"

Lopez and Anthony revealed July 15 that they were ending their seven-year marriage.

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