The Help


We already know the President and First Lady love watching Modern Family, Boardwalk Empire and Homeland.

But what's on their movie list this year?

The Obamas love The Help so much it's played at the White House, not once, but twice. "The president and his wife watched it and loved it," the film's director, Tate Taylor, told me this morning after The Help picked up a slew of Golden Globe nominations.

"Then they had a screening two weeks later that Emma [Stone] and Octavia [Spencer] went to."

With all this success, Taylor must be thinking about a sequel, right?


Help novelist Kathryn Stockett "isn't interested in doing it," Taylor said. "I just think it's not something anyone wants to do."

And it's not like Taylor's not busy. He's currently working on a screenplay adaptation of the novel Peace Like a River. He's set to direct the movie, which will be produced by—get ready for it—Brad Pitt!

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