Hunger Games Poster


Jabberjays, you've done it again. 

And before we had barely put pieces 1 through 10 together, you H.G.-savvy folks have the whole poster solved!

So, what did the #100HungerGames100 picture reveal?

A picture of Katniss and Peeta, of course! And it's a way cool pic of the two facing off in the main Capitol arena.

We only wish the poster offered another movie preview since all this hype is only getting us more excited for the big screen debut.

It's a tough call which scene we're most excited for, but this latest pic has us thinking the arena action will be de-lish. Plus, the sneak peek we did see in the preview looks so bad-ass (remember Elizabeth Bank's crazy pink hair?).

Then again, maybe we should hold off for some sexy scenes with Liam Hemsworth? Dude's looking hotter than ever, after all.

Since there's too much good stuff for us to decide, we'll give you H.G. fans the last word. 

So, what did you all think of the latest poster and which scene are you most excited for?

Jabber away, jabberjays!  

And congratulations to mega Hunger Games fan @johnshoward—the first player to piece together the puzzle!

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