Prince Harry

Harsha Gopal,

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Way to put the jolly in jolly old England!

He may be headed out on his first lengthy solo state tour next year, but for the time being, Prince Harry is reveling in everything his home country has to offer—and last night, that included a walk through London's Winter Wonderland, where the royal checked out some local holiday decorations before continuing on his merry way.

Harry dropped by Hyde Park's light-filled holiday epicenter (and the city's biggest seasonal market)—which also includes a makeshift Bavarian village, ice rink and holiday cheer enough to warm the heart of the most hardened Scrooges—while accompanied by some of his royal minders.

From there, he continued his night by meeting up with friends at Chelsea's Jaks restaurant, where they shared drinks before leaving just before 2 a.m.

Guess Santa wasn't the only one with rosy cheeks last night.

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