Blind Vice Single Guy

Dear Ted:
Has Brucey Huskers ever been featured on Broadway?

Dear Way Off:
Nope, dude has a whole different kind of skill set. He's not the Broadway type. 

Dear Ted:
I'm wondering about this Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher story. Is flirting with other guys and fighting with your man really all that Vicey? Sounds like a rocky patch, but doesn't sound like she's been up to anything too awful. Or has she? Also, you mention she wants to patch up their problems with a baby. Would it be their first child?

Dear Baby Bump Watch:
Trust, doll, while Carol Anne's Vice may not be as juicy as some of our Blind Vice Superstars, the gal is still engaging in some very Vicey behavior. As for the baby? You're right in saying it's number one for the couple. 

Dear Ted:
Playoffs are almost here! And Taller Baller and Pepper Harthman have me all hot and bothered. Who will go farther in the playoffs this year?

Dear Playoff Predictor:
I can't predict the playoffs, but I can predict future Vicey behavior. So my vote's with Taller Baller—here's to a new year full of juicy Vices!

Dear Ted:
How do you know your Blind Vice stories are true? And how do you know your ''sources'' are legit and not made up? Anyone can go on your site and just make up a Blind Vice or story.
Just Wondering 

Dear Bluffing Blinds?:
What, no faith in the Awful Truth? Trust, doll, all of our Blind Vices come from legitimate sources—that's what makes the guessing game so fun! Besides, there's always so much goss coming from T-town, no need for us to fib. 

Dear Ted: 
How long has Nevis Divine been famous: five years, 10 years, longer? Has he done any TV jobs?

Dear Fame Game:
Dude's been in the Biz for awhile now, but the height of his fame has been in the last five years. And no to jobs on the boob tube; Nevis is all about the big screen. 

Dear Ted:
Is Michael Fassbender Vicey?

Dear Bender Back:
No. But I highly doubt he will remain Vice-free much longer. 

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