American Horror Story

Prashant Gupta / FX

Dear Ted:
Lately I have been engrossed in American Horror Story like most everybody else. My question is regarding Evan Peters, aka "Tate Langdon" on the show. He is gorgeous and definitely part of the reason I got hooked on the show. Any information on him? Does he have any Vicey behavior?

Dear Scared Straight:
No monikers for this bunch yet, which may be surprising seeing the amount of juicy, chitchat-worthy stuff that goes down on this series. Or ya know, because it's a Ryan Murphy show which usually is a breeding ground of goss behind-the-scenes. Poor Ev though, wonder if even he knew how terribly twisted his small screen alter ego would get. I'm guessing no.

Dear Ted:
It has to be asked: Has Brucey Huskers ever worked with Veronica Bee-Stings? Is she the type of vapid non-relationship girl he'd go for?

Dear Deep as the Shallow End:
Nope, Brucey and V haven't crossed paths yet. As for your second Q, B.H. tends to go for chicks even shallower than Ms. Bee-Stings—if you can believe that.

Dear Ted:
Since Vanessa Hudgens and her new boyfriend Austin Butler have gone " public" and so PDAish. Do you buy her new relationship? She does have a movie coming out in February and Austin is in a new TV show. Also does V's new BF have a Blind Vice?

Dear Mack Attack:
Vanessa ditched Vicey dudes when she split with Zac Efron. Since then she's been on the goss-free route, getting cozy with boys who have less secrets to keep than she does (remember, she had a stint with Josh Hutcherson too). Austin may be the real deal, but that doesn't mean it's going to last long.

Dear Ted:
I was watching Sunday night football last night and my favorite team was playing! It got me thinking: Was Pepper Harthman playing last night? I always thought Tony Romo was pretty Vicey considering the company he keeps!

Dear Fumble:
Tony is not our sleazy Vice star, babe. Think a bit older and far less glamorous.

Dear Ted:
I was just wondering which sport has the most Vices. Is it football, baseball, basketball or none of the above? By the way, I took your advice and got my BFF You'll Never Work in This Town Again and I got my aunt James Garner's autobio. Thanks for your help and smooches!

Dear Balls Galore:
Football, babe. But cricket is a close second...just playin'. Most of our naughty Vice stars are football players though. With an emphasis on player. Hope your gals enjoy their gifts, sounds like you took made some great picks!

Dear Ted:
Are Morgan Mayhem's boobies real?

Dear Off My Chest:
Yes. Why do you ask?

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