Taylor Swift

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Dear Ted:
Are you serious that Taylor Swift fits your description of who Tim Tebow needs: church twice a week, and a virgin? I just can't believe that. I love Taylor, but she's dated a lot of hotties and I find it hard to believe that she hasn't been involved with any of them.

Dear K is For Klose-Minded:
Hey, just because the babe went out with John Mayer doesn't mean she was one of his bed notches. All evidence leads the other way, actually, considering "Dear John," etc. And don't underestimate Taylor's convictions. That's one strong-willed country thing.

Dear Ted:
I am so worried for my team and that it may be corrupted by Vicey-ness, when they really need to focus to get in the play-offs! Do you think Pepper Harthman will end up with a good season, or more painful one?

Dear Vice Can Be Nice:
All I know is at this point, babe, is that Pepper's naughty playtime does not always translate into bad behavior on the field. In fact, it's usually the exact opposite.

Dear Ted:
Have you seen the SWATH trailers? It concerns me that Kristen Stewart does not speak in either the English or the Spanish trailer. Does that mean the director edited her out because her acting skills won't help gain excitement about the film? Or is there another reason?

Dear Anon:
I love how you removed your name from anything that could potentially be considered anti-K.Stew, very shrewd of ya, babe! The fact is, the powers that be are doing their best to remind the world this version of Snow White is far more than just another Kristen Stewart vehicle. They are actually quite correct in that messaging. It's killer all the way around, and not just because of Kristen.

Dear Ted:
I know holidays are super hard when you're single (at least they are for me) and I hope you're enjoying your furry babies and doing really well. I have three rescue dogs and a rescue cat, but I am verry clear that they rescued me. Thank God for our angels...
—Gina Leigh

Dear Doggie Diva:
Couldn't agree more with ya sweetheart! Happy holidays to you and your furry fam!

Dear Ted:
Brucey Huskers
has to be Ryan Gosling I can't think of who else it could be. Even you have said that he still hasn't really moved on from Rachel McAdams and it has been mentioned that his current fling, Eva Mendes might be a fauxmance.
Dollie Hendrix

Dear Dollie Golly:
I said Ryan and Eva have their pr faux moments, but, for the most part, this romance is super real. So, Brucey so ain't Ryan.

Dear Ted:
Ooooh this Blind Vice is tough. Any clue as to whether Brucey is TV, movies or music?

Dear Not So Tough:
TV and another category you're not even asking me about!

Dear Ted:
Tell me a little more about Nevis Devine and his relaysh with his girl. Are they likely to go the long haul? Any concerning signals that they may not make it? And if so does this mean maybe his relationship with his fella might be more durable in the long haul since you've suggested its not quite as serious? You know, as a looser commitment, it might therefore withstand time apart, temptations, other more standard relationship testers?

Dear In Order:
Doubtful; debauchery and alcoholism, maybe?; he's even less of a long shot, trust, so the last one doesn't really apply, sorry!

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