Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher

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Dear Ted:
I'm so excited to see New Year's Eve! How many of the castmembers have Vices?!

Dear Isn't it Obvious:
Considering there are about 40 bajillion celebs in this movie, you know there's gotta be at least one naughty star with a secret! But it's actually more than one. Or two. Try more than I can count on one hand. And Ashton Kutcher is just the tip of that iceberg.

Dear Ted:
I love me some hot players! That said, who is hotter, Taller Baller or Pepper Harthman? And which one of these guys is a crueler person?

Dear Touchdown!
Taller Baller is definitely hotter. And these days, I'd actually say he has the better abs and crueler personality.

Dear Ted:
Nicole Scherzinger
seriously has some balls to send that poor girl home on The X Factor, and why on earth does she cry so much? I'm wondering if this girl has any Vices.

Dear The XXX Factor:
Nicole's certainly giving Paula Abdul a run for her money in the crazy department this season, but Nicole has no Vices to speak of—unless you count not having a backbone when it comes to making the tough decisions. But seriously, if you wanted little Rachel to stay in the competition, you shoulda voted more!

Dear Ted:
I've had a thing for Timothy Olyphant for years now. Seems like the bad boy type to me, but you never hear a thing about him. Dude seems to fly under the radar. Does he have any Vicey behavior?

Dear Smooth Criminal:
Dude definitely flies under the radar, especially now that he's doing the whole cable TV thing (and no, I'm not talking about HBO, unfortunately). No Vices to speak of here, but I can see why you have a thing for him. He's hot.

Dear Ted:
Did you see Kelly Preston on Good Morning America? Oh my lord was she out of it! Does she have a B.V.?

Dear Acting Out:
Girl's not a B.V. star, per se, but certainly plays a supporting role. And with hubby Jon Travolta being the better Blind half of that couple, I understand why she'd be a little loopy from time to time.

Dear Ted:
What is the latest with Fake à la Ferocity? Is her "better living through chemistry" lifestyle wearing on her and does her partner fully share that lifestyle choice?

Dear Fake It Till You Make It:
Fake à la is doing just fine, publicly at least. Personally, she's better than she has been in a long time...shocking as that may be to hear.

Dear Ted:
It looks like even Kristen Stewart's brother Taylor is not sure about Robert Pattinson's behavior. Someone sent a message to him via Facebook about the cheating rumors and he said he doesn't care, even if the rumors are true, he has nothing to do with their lives. I think Rob put Kristen in a really bad place, and her brothers (and parents) are upset with him right now. What do you think?

Dear Family Drama:
I think you all are taking this a little too far. Leave K.Stew's family alone, for gossip's sake! Jeez, Twi-hard is one thing but Twi-psycho is another. As for Robsten, K.Stew is a big girl and can make her own calls when it comes to her relayshes. There's no beef in this family.

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