Rachel Crow, X-Factor

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The rest of the world is still reeling from 13-year-old Rachel Crow's emotional roller coaster of an elimination on last night's X Factor, but one person has miraculously risen above the fray and is serving as the calm, measured voice of reason.

Rachel Crow.

As was inevitable in the wake of her buck-passing decision to go to a judge's deadlock and thus let the viewer vote determine that Crow, and not Marcus Canty, be eliminated last night, Nicole Scherzinger has taken more than her share of online heat.

But she found an unlikely defender this morning.

"To all my fans I love u so much and I am so lucky to have your support thank u," Crow tweeted today, before issuing a plea. "Please be kind to @NicoleScherzy I care a lot about her."

The feeling, if not the application of the feeling, seemed mutual last night. Just as Crow was collapsing on the stage in a fit of sobs and wails, so too was Nicole at the judges' table. While Crow was being comforted by her mother and Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul was left to console an obviously upset and equally tearful Scherzinger.

Still, despite the public and emotional setback, this is definitely not the last we've seen of Crow. And she's not the only one who's ready to see to that.

"I am so thankful to have such amazing fans that u for sticking by me. I love u with all my heart," she tweeted after last night's show. "Thank u so much I will never stop singing I promise I love all my fans."

In total agreement with Crow was Cowell, who seemed oddly prescient earlier yesterday: "I'm hoping everything works out well tonight, but I have a weird feeling," he tweeted.

"Rachel went out on a high tonight," he added later. "Thanks to everyone who voted for her."

Also chiming in after last night's high-tension debacle was Paula Abdul, who can always be counted on for a much-needed dose of positivity.

"I am SO excited for you," she tweeted. "I can't wait for you to experience all the success that's about to come your way! xoxoxoP.

"I absolutely love, cherish & adore you. my arms are around you. you're such a gem & the most gifted young lady…"

Of course, her kind words weren't exclusive to Rachel, and she reached out to someone else who's no doubt feeling pretty beat up this morning.

"@NicoleSherzy I applaud you for listening to your heart last night because I know how genuinely torn you were…All we can do is the best that we can and you did your best Nicole!"

Unfortunately for her, not all X Factor fans may feel the same way.

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