Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner

Paramount Pictures ; Venturelli/WireImage

They may be grooming Jeremy Renner to take over the Mission: Impossible franchise, but it's not like he's the new Tom Cruise.

And we mean that in the nicest way...

"Renner is not going to be the new Tom Cruise," Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol producer J.J. Abrams tells me. "He's going to be Renner and Renner's awesome."

Abrams should know. Remember, he also directed Cruise in the third M:I movie. "There is no new Tom Cruise, but there is definitely an amazing performance by Renner [in Ghost Protocol]," he said. "And he's just the greatest to work with."

If Cruise is done with playing Ethan Hunt, perhaps he'll spend more time on career!

"I think he's a heartbeat away from going on tour," Adam Anders, executive music producer Rock of Ages, told me at the Trevor Live! event. "Tom Cruise is mindblowing. I mean, he's a rock star."

But get this—Cruise sort of auditioned for Rock of Ages. "I went to his house and he was like, 'I won't commit. I need to know if I can do this,'" said Anders, who is also the head music dude over at Glee. "He's not a musician obviously, but his pipes—his vocal cords—were stunning. I was like, 'This is crazy. We're golden.'"

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