American Horror Story Cast


The cast and crew that parties together stays together?

It looks like that just may be the motto of one of the most fabulous and freaky new shows on TV, American Horror Story.

As you may or may not know, AHS is wrapping for Season 1 as we speak, tear, we know. But it sounds like they know how to go out in style, and it ain't toasting with some li'l glass of champagne.

So, here's a little ditty from our source working behind the scenes on the show:

Jessica Lange who plays the brilliant big-hair creepshow Constance (and the mother of freaky rubber man), ended her season the other night, while filming on set in Los Angeles. So how did this A-lister go out?

How about a shot of tequila? Duh, what else would the double-Oscar winner who's always gone her own way, do? And we totally approve.

When J.L. wrapped the other night, everyone in the cast and crew, (including Jessica) toasted with a shot of J.'s favorite beverage, tequila.

We reached out to Jess for comment, and have yet to hear back, but, is there anything really to add here? Besides the fact that Jessica's on-screen punches as the weirdest next-door neighbor in the world are on a par with her preferred beverage? Too funny!

So what else did our source have to say about the last show of the season?

Listen up: "It is so crazy, its completely going to blow your mind. It's definitely the best and craziest show of the season, you're gonna freak out when you see it."

Um, well considering we freak out every week with this show, we can't even fathom something more outrageous than what we've already seen.

Seriously, what else can possibly happen?

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