Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 1

Andrew Cooper, Summit Entertainment

After careful consideration, we realized we've been totally unfair.

We've been rooting for Robsten for, like, forever and we know we broke some hearts by even suggesting these two might be over one day

So since we have some explaining to do, we decided to round-up all the rumors, hints, and deets on our favorite duo, so we can really decide if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have what it takes to make it forever.

Tread carefully Robsten lovers, 'cause it's not looking exactly perfecto:

Schedules Driving Them Apart: We were so disappointed when Kris missed out on much of the Breaking Dawn promos, but it definitely made us ask—if these two can't even get together to promote the same friggin' movie, how are they possibly going to make time for each other after BD2? True, they could do the long distance thing, but that's tough on any couple—add the fact these two are at the peak of their careers, and the odds aren't lookin' good. 

Is Romance A Priority?: While we realize these two could travel across continents and keep their love alive, we have to ask if it's really the right move for Rob and Kris. 'Cause let's face it—the Twilight fame isn't going to last forever and both individuals need to capitalize on their success.

What these two really need are some star-power roles with substance—and they're off to a good start. David Cronenberg himself is singing Rob's praises for his upcoming movie, Cosmopolis, and Kristen Stewart's Snow White and the Huntsman has already generated tons of hype. Perhaps their looking to make work, not love, a priority?

A Big Ol' Age Difference: Sure, if ya ask the Teen Bride, four years may not seem like much, but these two are in their mere twenties—and at different stages in their lives. Just look at Rob, who's always talking marriage and babies versus Kristen, who took years to even admit her BF is English. Pattinson may be the long term relaysh type, but Kris? Don't expect the gal to accept a proposal anytime soon. She's incredibly focused on her career—even Rob has admired her dedication

Lots of Temptation: Rob likes to drink and party and hell, who can blame him? He's young and ridiculously hot. But even though we don't think Rob's the cheating type, we have a hard time believing the dude doesn't occasionally get his flirt on. And while we totally stuck by R.Pattz's side during the whole Sarah Roemer scandal, we can't say it's a good sign Rob's out boozing while Kris is hard at work. 

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So, now that we have fully explained ourselves, two things: we steadfastly remain of the opinion Robsten has what it takes to make the distance. But we turn to you Robstens and Nonstens now for the secondary chorus.

Are these the tell-tale signs of a pending Robsten break-up or do you think—like we do—that these two still have what it takes for happy ending?

Sound off!

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