Stacy Ferguson,  Fergie, Josh Duhamel


Fergie may not be pregnant, but it sounds like she could be any day now.

Just ask Josh Duhamel about her much-talked about break from working...

"It's great," he gushed to me at the Trevor Project's Trevor Live! benefit. "It just makes it a little more fun around the house."

Or in the car.

No, I'm not talking about some backseat action, but "I was just thinking about the song were singing on the way here," Duhamel explained.

Like a Black Eyed Peas song?


"We make up our own songs about our dogs," Fergie said referring to their Dachshunds Zoe and Meatloaf. "And no, we're not singing it here tonight. We're not going to do it."

Darn it!

After spending Thanksgiving with the New Year's Eve actor's family in North Dakota, they'll stick around L.A. for Christmas.

"It's nice because these are the things, like Trevor Project, that I haven't gotten to do," said Fergie, who introduced JC Chasez during last night's show while Duhamel did the same for American Idol alums Kris Allen and Stefano Langone.

"He's had to go every year without me to parties and like all these holiday things without me. Now, I get to be a wifey and go with him."

Fergie simply smiled when asked about buying Christmas gifts for each other, but Duhamel admitted, "That doesn't happen until about the 24th!"

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