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It may be fun to watch gals like Madonna and ScarJo rebound from divorce in a matter of days with their newest boy-toys, but it's not exactly what we call…tasteful. 

And while we freely admit, Demi Moore, that we'd be perfectly happy to watch you eat some twentysomething alive, remember you've kinda been there, done that.

Not to mention we hear you're making an extra effort to be as tactful as possible during this difficult time. That said, while there are way too many examples of H'wood divorces gone nasty, let's not forget the elite group of women who have moved on from their divorces with integrity intact. So which celeb divorcées made the classy cut?

Jennifer Aniston: We can imagine it probably took every fiber of Jennifer's being not to bitch-slap Angelina in the face, but instead she took the high road in 2005 when it happened. Jen was economical about her interviews on the subject, and in her first post-Pitt interview with Vanity Fair said, "There's a sensitivity chip that's missing," a hard-hitting comment that spoke volumes on the way she felt. It's been six years, and with a hot new relationship and an insane ability to defy genetics, girlfriend is doing just fine. Without having to spill everything in a tell-all!

Nicole Kidman Nicole's 2004 divorce shocker from Tom Cruise was like the story of the decade. With millions of dollars and two kiddos involved, we suspected it could go the way of the Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving unhitching and get über-messy. Neither Tom nor Nicole has gotten into the dirty details since, but soon after the breakup Tom did release a statement saying that "Nicole knows why" they were getting a divorce. How cool was it that Nicole didn't fire back? I mean, we're not completely ruling it out, but as of now she is sitting pretty with a well-deserved spot on our list of gals who moved on a little better than their men.

Sandra Bullock: No couple gets divorced for purely amicable reasons, but Jesse James really effed-up in his marriage to Sandra with the 2010 cheating scandal I'm sure you all remember. When asked to comment on an Australian radio program a year after the split, he didn't exactly take responsibility for his actions, saying, "Yes, I cheated on my wife, but so do a lot of other people." While Sandy shared her story to People (mostly about her son, Louis) months after the split, she never commented on the James interview—double classy.

Cindy Costner: Celeb divorces involving mega-money have a reputation for getting mega-ugly. And while Cindy managed to walk away with a reported $80 million after her 1994 divorce settlement from her ex-hubby Kevin Costner (one of the largest in Hollywood to date), the two had an uncontested divorce settled outside of court. Before the announcement of the split, Costner told NYC's Daily News that in Hollywood, "temptations are pretty strong," and adding that "you can't even dabble without paying a huge price." Uh, was that a confession, Kev? Just look to the dollar signs for your answer, readers. Oh, and Cindy never made a stink in the press, though who wouldn't be tempted, right?

Demi Moore: Last but not certainly not least (and maybe the most important of all) is Ms. Moore herself, who, let's not forget, kept it way tasteful when moving on from Bruce Willis in 2000. She's made it clear for years that her priority was not airing any unpleasant reasons for the bust-up with Bruce, but instead making sure their three daughters—Rumor, Scout and Tallulah—moved on and thrived with as much grace as possible. And, hey, she's got the family photos to prove it!

Demi, you've done it before, and because we love you, we wanna see you pull off a drama-free divorce again. The choice is yours.

What do you think, can Demi go two for two?

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