Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

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Let's start with the Robert Pattinson biz, just so you all don't totally freak out.

No, R.Pattz isn't kicking the bucket. But he did tell Berlingske TV that he'd be willing to die for the one he loved (ya know, à la totally moody Edward and Bella), saying "If you're in love with someone, I think the majority of people would say, 'If I have to die for this person to live, I will.' "

Aw! Could he possibly be talking about Kristen Stewart? And speaking of K.Stew, what's up with reports that she's feuding with Nikki Reed?

Back to the oh-so-romantic Rob stuff.

"I mean, you don't really love someone if you're like, ‘No. Just let them die,'" R.Pattz joked. 

Touché. And très swoon-worthy, R.P.! No wonder Kristen fell for you. But here's our beef: Why didn't the USA get any of this lovey-dovey stuff during Breaking Dawn promos?! Seems like Europe got all the good stuff, what with these grand romance proclamations, accidental marriage teases and dishing about "English" BFs.

Seems unfair, no? Here's to hoping that press for Breaking Dawn Part 2 is more Robsten-centric over on our side of the pond.

But forget the mushy stuff, there's apparently some catfighting going down in the vampverse!

According to some sites, Kristen and Nikki have been feuding lately over what went down (or didn't go down, as it may be) between Rob and Nikki like, forever, ago.

And while it's true that the two aren't nearly as close as they once were (and R.Pattz had a bit to do with this), there's hardly any hair pulling going on behind-the-scenes. It's not Kristen's style, and really she's definitely moved on from the sitch.

And there's more naughtiness to be found in the Twi-world—tho this time it has nothing to do with the stars. Apparently Twi-hards are faking engagements to try on the Bella Swan wedding dress at Alfred Angelo bridal boutiques.

We reached out to the company and a rep told us they've "had an amazing response to the gown" both from brides-to-be and Twilight "collectors," and they're happy to hook up anyone with the gown despite their marital intentions.

Cut out the fakey engagement stuff, you all, especially if you're pretending it's with a cardboard Edward cutout!

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