Stacy Keibler, George Clooney

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Dear Ted:
What happen to George Clooney's life being private? His new girl Stacy Keibler blabbed about going to Cabo for Thanksgiving and is now implying that they and family will go for Christmas and New Year's. Does not sound so private if you're telling all where you will be? Also noticed that her tweeting has slowed way down, wouldn't have anything to do with someone telling her what to tweet would it?

Dear Merry X-mush:
Stacy, if you think about it, really isn't being all that different from George's past relationships, most of whom have (pre-breakup) spilled basically minor stuff to the press, at some point. Stacy's just finding her way—and, yes, with the advice of Mr. C. Point is, I'm told by G.C.'s pals that they're just as startled since George seems to be having a good time with this latest romance. But, as is always the case with Clooney, for how long?

Dear Ted:
I'm thrilled Chord Overstreet is going back to Glee, but all the hype surrounding Trouty Mouth's return to McKinley has made me supremely suspicious about all the summer drama between Chord and Ryan Murphy. Did Chord truly regret his decision to leave, or is it possible that Ryan did fire him and regret that decision considering Glee's less-than-stellar ratings this season? Or was the drama orchestrated to make bigger mid-season buzz?

Dear Rip Chord:
A little of all of the above, perhaps? Nothing was ever established, I can tell you that; plus, a lot of people had very different interpretations of what, exactly, was being decided—not to mention actually going down. Suffice it to say, everybody's in a much happier place right now, Chord included, and I don't foresee another Glee mixed messaging point like that occurring again, ever.

Dear Ted:
Is Céline Dion's life really as perfect as it seems, or does the Queen of the Vegas Strip really have a Vicey past?

Dear Get Ready:
Celine's actually an incredibly hard worker and survivor—always has been. I actually wish for her sake (not to mention her family's) that she'd shake it up a bit, but I just don't see it ever happening. From her own physical challenges to her husband's, girl's always gonna be on the serious and ambitious side, I'm afraid. That said, I do hear she's doing her best to give the kid's a super-angst free upbringing.

Dear Ted:
As someone who has cast produced Les Mis for a large summer high school production, I must chastise you for not discussing the most important qualities of Éponine. As lovely as Lea Michele is, she would not be my choice. Éponine must be able to pass for a boy convincingly in the streets of Paris during the revolution. (Lea, similarly, would be a poor choice for Victor/Victoria.) Evan Rachel Wood, however, could make a very convincing boy. (Then you cast Lea Michele as Cosette, which would complete the circle for her, having played young Cosette in Les Mis on Broadway.)

Dear Hiss Me Kate:
Agree to disagree? Because, darlin', you are hugely underestimating Lea's talent for butching it up. Babe could totally handle it.

Dear Ted:
If Nevis Divine was to be discovered, would we all be shocked and surprised, or is he that obvious and we just can't see it?

Dear Divining for Dish:
Honestly? A little of both. But it would also be a pretty celebratory feel, too, at least in some circles.

Dear Ted:
Would you say that Dashed Dingle-Dream is living his life more open now that he is away from Judas Jack-Off? Do you think he will be one of the celebrities who are not exactly out but everyone knows he is gay? And if he does will it give your loyal readers a clue as to who JJO is?

Dear Dudes on the Side:
No, absolutely not, so it doesn't really apply, does it?

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