With all those earmuffs and knitted snowflake sweaters, the holiday season isn't exactly the most fashionable time of the year for a lot of folks.

Some fashion police types might even say it's downright criminal (sorry, Santa!). But that's so not the case for new mama Rachel Zoe, who seems to be planning a très fashionable holiday.

Just look at what she's getting baby Skyler...

Clothes, of course. And we're sure they'll all be designer.

"This is my first holiday season with baby Skyler. I couldn't be more excited," mama Zoe gushes in this exclusive clip. "I got him some great winter coats and we're going to be going to New York and also to warm weather, so I just couldn't be more excited for the season."

We die just imagining what kind of fab gear Sky will show off while hitting the streets of NYC.

Remember those bananas baby glasses he was donning way back when? And that was when he was fresh out of the oven! Surely once he learns to walk he'll be giving swanky tots like Suri Cruise and cool dude Kingston Rossdale a run for their best dressed titles.

We're sure dressing the little guy will be a nice break from her busy life too. Besides dressing the hottest starlets for the red carpet, Rachel has been dolling out fashion advice to everyday Janes in the LG Marquee "Style Rules" series. If you're lucky, you can cash in on some of the style tips and flaunt your best fashion for Rachel.

And, Skyler? Make sure you give the paparazzi your good side while showing off your winter looks!

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