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Best of 2011 / Celeb of the Year / Leading Men- round 1
best of 2011 franchise tiles

What does it take to win the title of E! Celeb of the Year? One thing's for sure: Being a box-office superstar isn't going to hurt your chances, and each of the 16 players in our Leading Men bracket has left their mark on the big screen over 2011.

From superhero flicks to high drama to sidesplitting comedy (oh, and eternal vampire and werewolf battles), these guys captivated us in theaters this year.

Check out the matchups.

Is it any surprise really that Ryan Gosling is seeded No. 1? They guy dominated both on and off the screen this year. But at the same time Robert Pattinson did get married...at least in the fictional version of his life. And while this was a standout year for Justin Timberlake in Hollywood, can he really drum up enough support to send A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio home for the year?

Check out the latest NCAA-style bracket (the third of four...Leading Ladies and Newsmakers are already running strong), matching everyone up.

And remember, to show how much we love our stars, E! will donate $25,000 to the charity of the winner's choice.

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