AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Alexandra Breckenridge


If you like eating bananas, you may want to stop reading this post right now.

We've got some disturbing scoop for you regarding the phallic-shaped fruit and one of American Horror Story's most disturbing scenes.

Said scene involved Moira (Alexandra Breckenridge) biting off a real estate developer's manhood when he tries to buy Murder House...

While we only see Moira's head between actor Amir Arison's legs, we know what happens because after he screams, Moira looks up and wipes blood from her lips.

Gross, right?

"Originally we shot a sequence where I spit out the tip," Breckenridge recently told me.


"We used the top of a banana," she said. "It was a bloody banana. I had to do take after take after take. It was awful.

"I'm ruined on bananas," she added. "I could never eat them again. It was terrible. It was not cute. I haven't had a banana since."

Could ya blame her?

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