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Dear Ted:
I know you mentioned Angelina Jolie's interview with 60 Minutes. She clearly alludes to a "history" and how lucky she is to have survived. She also said she saves her bad-girl side for Brad Pitt. After hearing how media-savvy Jolie is, I'm sure she has some kind of ulterior motive—is she preempting a story that's about to break? I can't see her offering up this kind of information to promote a movie or even less likely, for the hell of it. What's the deal? I can't wait to hear your take. Love ya, Casablanca!

Dear In The Land of Blood and Money:
Thing is, M, seems Angie would be willing to serve up this kind of not-so-shocking scoop now that she's got an extra important flick to promote: her first time behind the camera. And since there's not so much star power selling the movie here in the U.S. of A., I suspect Ange wants to keep people chatting about her. Which clearly we are. 

Dear Ted:
So now that the Black Eyed Peas are going on an indefinite hiatus, will this be bad or good for Fergie's marriage to Josh Duhamel? They really seem into each other, but there have been tons of rumors about Josh. Has he learned his lesson since the alleged stripper story? BTW love your column, always have, and I love you speaking out about animal rights! I recently rescued a cute 3-year-old male orange cat who was dumped three times by lousy owners! He's the best pet I ever had!
Kitty Lover

Dear I Gotta Feeling:
We all know absence makes the heart grow fonder (ya know, like when Ferg is out on the road with her bandmates), and I'm sure this couple is no exception. And you're forgetting something very important, K.L.: Fergalicious Mrs. Duhamel has quite the solo career going for her. And I'm sure that won't be going on a hiatus. As for the twosome, they both have secrets but they make it work.

Dear Ted:
Why are you so against Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel as a couple? Whatever issues or problems they have/had, they seem to want to work out. In your Ask Ted video, you wondered how they act without all the cameras, and I work at a Mexican restaurant in NYC and they were lovey dovey here too. You act like those crazy teenyboppers who think no one is good enough for Justin. I get that you're a gossip columnist and the juicier the better, but let them be. Think positive thoughts.

Dear Positively Not True:
You've got it backwards, babe. It's not Justin that I think is too good for Jessica. But hey, Jess is a grown woman, so if she's happy I guess I'll be happy for ‘em. Now are you happy, D?

Dear Ted:
Are Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart still friends?

Dear Friends W/O Benefits:
Sure, they're buds. I don't think they are as tight as they once were, but that has nothing to do with a falling out or anything of that variety. Tay and K.Stew have one of the most innocent relayshes on set.

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Dear Ted:
Something I find odd about Rob Pattinson is that he's pretty openly admitted since 2008 there are things he's hiding from the general public. He acknowledges that he hates camera phones because they enable people to take pictures of things you would rather nobody sees. But what's weird is he's never hinted at what those things he's hiding are. Does that mean it's more his team and Summit that are telling him to keep quiet about his more dirty details until Twilight is finished, or is it his own self-imposed gag order?
—J King

Dear Camera Shy:
Look, Rob's a Vice star which means he obviously has a few secrets that he'd like to keep from the public. But that has nothing to do with his anti-camera phone feelings. Would you want total strangers knowing every itty-bitty detail of your personal life and what you did outside the public eye? Didn't think so.

Hi Ted,
When it comes to Miss Finger-Dingle, although she doesn't have an Oscar now, would you say it is in her future?

Dear Oscar Watch:
I could see it. If she picks the right flick, of course.

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