Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Breaking Dawn Part 1

Andrew Cooper, Summit Entertainment

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was the stuffing for Hollywood's otherwise lean Thanksgiving holiday.

The Twilight franchise's latest grossed $62.3 million from Wednesday-Sunday, estimates showed, and led the box-office standings for a second weekend. 

Then there were the leftovers—and the turkey.

The Muppets made headway on Kermit and Miss Piggy's bid for 21st century relevancy, with a good, not great $42 million five-day total.

Martin Scorsese likewise made headway on the director's bid to become a family (family-ish?) director. After a slow start on Wednesday and Thanksgiving, his Hugo put up better numbers than The Muppets, theater for theater, over the three-day weekend, for a Friday-Sunday estimated total of $11.4 million.

Neither new release, however, was Tangled, which, last Thanksgiving grossed more than both movies combined.

As for poor Arthur Christmas… Playing on about 2,000 more screens than Hugo, the CGI family film barely outgrossed the Scorsese entry, with a five-day start of just $17 million.

Arthur Christmas, like The Muppets and Hugo, got strong buzz from critics, and good grades from opening-weekend audiences, so it's possible that its turkey status will be a passing thing. Or so the $100 million movie hopes.

Overall, the Thankgiving box office was down about 10 percent from 2010's, Exhibitor Relations said.

Perhaps Hollywood's problem was too much talk and/or talkies. The Artist, a black-and-white silent, had the best weekend of any film, theater for theater, averaging $52,604 off four screens. 

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 obviously had a nice holiday, too, crossing the $200 million mark domestically, and nearing a half-billion worldwide.

Eddie Murphys Tower Heist was a curiousity, growing from week to week, after a sluggish month in theaters

Elsewhere, Michelle Williams' My Week With Marilyn built Oscar momentum with a solid $2.1 million holiday start (off only 244 screens), while Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio's J. Edgar moved in the opposite direction, falling out of the Top 10 after just one weekend.

Here's a complete look at the weekend's top movies, as compiled from the studios' Friday-Sunday domestic estimates and Exhibitor Relations:

  1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1, $42 million
  2. The Muppets, $29.5 million
  3. Happy Feet Two, $13.4 million
  4. Arthur Christmas, $12.7 million
  5. Hugo, $11.4 million
  6. Jack and Jill, $10.3 million
  7. Immortals, $8.8 million
  8. Puss in Boots, $7.5 million
  9. Tower Heist, $7.3 million
  10. The Descendants, $7.2 million
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