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Best of 2011 / Celeb of the Year / Leading Ladies- round 1
best of 2011 franchise tiles

What does it take to be E! Celeb of the Year? It's about more than just being on the paparazzi radar. Each of the 64 stars nominated in our tournament left a mark in 2011—they entertained, inspired and held the pop culture world in awe. And they looked great doing it!

But with so many standouts—royals, reality stars, music mavens and box-office dynamite—only one can be declared Celeb of the Year!

So let the tournament begin:

We're breaking things down into four categories, with 16 of the biggest names squaring off in NCAA-style brackets. And to show how much we love our stars, E! will donate $25,000 to the charity of the winner's choice!

Starting it off are the Leading Ladies—Round 1, those big-screen hotties who had us mesmerized all year long.

The decision is in your hands. Make your voice heard and help your favorite star grab the title!