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We were already worried Kristen Stewart may have taken on too much—between her Breaking Dawn press tour, über hot boyfriend, and filming for Snow White and the Huntsman. Girl's got a lot on her plate. 

But what's even more troublesome than her sked? The injuries she keeps sporting from her time on the Snow White and the Huntsman set!

Uh, isn't there supposed to be armor (or something) protecting our gal?

Guess not, since this is the second time around we've heard K.Stew's been injured.

As for the latest battle wound? Kris explained the bloody bruise during her interview on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno:

"I was supposed to miss him [Chris Hemsworth] by this much. I basically knocked him right out of his close-up," admits the lovely (and strong!) Snow White herself. 

And while K.Stew may be laughing off the injury and leaning on Rob for support (she's apparently returning to their London abode in the photo above), we're a bit worried the fight scenes are taking a toll on Kris. 

Remember when her costar tweeted about an injury on set, only to have the tweet immediately removed? Yeah, so do we—strike two, for keeping our Snow White safe.

And really, it's no surprise accidents are happening. After all, girl's had zero time off between Breaking Dawn and Snow White, and we can only imagine how her bicoastal ways have exhausted the poor gal. 

Then again, this is Kristen Stewart we're talking about. Girl's got loads of fight in her, and we know she'll do almost anything at the expense of her craft. 

And since the Snow White trailer has already generated so much hype, we're guessing Kris does not want to disappoint in her first post-BD flick. 

So, if the pictures are a fair prediction, we can't wait for the fight scenes in this film. 

'Cause from the looks of K.Stew's battle wounds, the fairest one of them all packs a whole lotta punch. 

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