Mila Kunis, Grace Kelly

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Dear Ted:
Regarding your search for the new Grace Kelly movie, I don't know how she would look as a blonde, but after seeing her picture at the Marine Corps Ball, I'd like to submit Mila Kunis for the role! Has there ever been a more delicate-looking beauty driven by steely will in the past decade, with obvious talent to boot? She's not blonde, she's not tall, but damn she looked like royalty in that picture. And we both know, being the little Vicer helps one's acting abilities in Hollywood. And let me insist on the fact that if Mila being a Vicer made her popular, it in no way diminished her undeniable talent...unlike some who shall remain unnamed.

Dear And the Search Goes On:
I couldn't agree more that Mila's a beauty and a talent, and I'll even argue that her exotic looks and Vicey behavior are what make her such a badass. However, I think the later two are what keep me from buying into your choice.

Dear Ted:
Here's a perfect cast for the Valley of the Dolls remake: Kirstie Alley as Helen Lawson, Lindsay Lohan as Neely O'Hara, Megan Fox as Jennifer North and Minka Kelly as Anne Welles. How is that?

Dear Calling the Shots:
I actually like it, but can you just imagine Kirstie, Linds, Megan and Minka shooting together all-day, every day? Too many inflated egos—and some major on-set cat fights. Nice try, though!

Dear Ted:
Why does Glee's Dianna Agron say in one of her Tumblr posts she has oddities and that some don't "get her"? Do you as part of the press know how she is different? She appears to be such a smart, sweet and stunning young lady, and I hope she makes her mark in Tinseltown! She reminds me of Grace Kelly. I can't imagine anything odd and hope she is not one of those phony stars who only appear to be nice.

Dear Casting Call:
Don't read into it too much, T, gal's probably referring to her quirky personality and wants to distinguish herself from her image-obsessed Glee counterpart. As for the Grace Kelly comparison? Not a bad idea, but I'm sticking with Blake Lively for the role. Don't you think she'd be perfect for the part?

Dear Ted:
So do you think there is any chance whatsoever of a tell-all book behind the scenes of the Twilight movies? If so, who do you think would be the one to spill it all?

Dear Biting the Hand that Feeds You:
Well of course there's a chance, and it has to be our fave Twilight-trash talker, Ms. Nikki Reed. Gal's already been dishing the dirt in the form of Seventeen magazine interviews, and trust, Nik certainly has the talent to pen her own tell-all. And hey, since the gal can't ditch the drama, writing it down could be the perfect therapy, no?

Dear Ted:
I got to thinking about the gay marriage thing today, and it occurred to me just how funny it is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are all for gay marriage rights! They claim to not get married until gays can, but in the same breath they humiliate them by saying that marriage is just a piece of paper, and that the institution isn't important. I never realized how moronic that is, especially since both of them have already been married three times between them. I'm dying to know what you think about that tid-bit of irony!

Dear Time's a Wastin':
‘Cause marriage is just a piece of paper, doll. Institution aside, Brad and Angie are making the issue a matter of equality—just as it should be. 

Dear Ted:
You said Robert Pattinson isn't camera shy and can be a bit self-absorbed. Were you referring to on red carpets and premieres or just in general?

Dear Breaking Dawn Diva:
Just in general, but dude's still more down to earth than most of H'wood. 

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