Olivia Wilde, Jason Bateman

Jose Perez / Splash News

Doesn't seem like such a bad day at work, now does it?

Yes, at work, because Jason Bateman is married people, and that's not his wife.

It is, however, his costar for The Longest Week, a movie about a man who was living a life of prestige (even if he was mooching off his parents) and quickly found himself evicted and disinherited. Oh, and in love.

We're guessing it's with this bombshell (and pretty awesome kisser by the looks of it). So who is it?

Olivia Wilde

Doug Meszler / Splash News

The gorgeous and single Olivia Wilde (who is 15 years younger than Bateman. Way to go, guy!).

Wilde, who recently made her Saturday Night Live debut, was shooting an intimate scene with her fellow actor in New York City for their flick, which happens to have added another star to its list that the actress seems pretty excited about.

Jenny Slate just joined our movie, The Longest Week, which means I am co-starring with Marcel the Motherf--ing Shell!" Wilde tweeted.

Does that mean they'll make out too?!

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