Amy Poehler is drunk on power. Now that she's the recipient of Variety's Power of Comedy Award (in fact she's the first women to take home the honor in its...two-year history), she's using her platform to push an agenda.

Don't worry, it isn't anything diabolical. She used her opportunity in the spotlight to pitch some show ideas to the execs in the room, and we have to say, they sound like they could be ratings blowouts! Get ready to set your DVRs.

First up is Stuntmen Without Shirts, a simple documentary series in which Amy asks Hollywood's unsung heroes, "Hey, take your shirt off." But that's just the beginning.

Maybe the suits in the room will bite when they hear about her "wish-fulfillment show," I Really Don't Give a S--t How Your Fantasy Football Team Is Doing, Take the Kids Somewhere? With the right audience we're sure these shows take off!

Check out the video to hear more of Amy's hilarious small-screen ideas, and see who practically upstaged the night's honoree with a steamy onstage kiss!

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