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If you have burning TV questions that keep you up at night, we have just the solution: Get a life!

We kid. And we live and die by this stuff, thankyoverymuch, so if you wanna know what happens next to Santana after Naya Rivera's show-stealing turn in the latest episode of Glee (or who Chord Overstreet will be romancing) or a hint on the Rubber Man's identity on American Horror Story, or what comes next on Revenge. Well, read on for our latest roundup of TV scoop...

@Marleyakatroy: #revenge scoop!
Revenge is taking a cue from its sister show Once Upon a Time and drawing from fairy tales for inspiration. OK, not really, but Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is the Hamptons' version of the little boy who cried wolf, at least according to Jack (Nick Wechsler). "I continue to try and advise him, but he doesn't want to listen to me anymore," Mann tells us. "I gave him terrible advice as far as he's concerned, but this time he really, really, really should listen to me." Hmmm…we're guessing this has to do with the real Emily Thorne (Margarita Levieva) setting her sights on Jack.

essenceofjay: Revenge question! Will the Real Emily tell Jack that she's 'Amanda'? I don't like those two getting close…
Nor do we, but close they are going to get! The show is currently casting a darkly handsome tattooed local named Lee who will come between "Jack and Amanda." Something tells us the Amanda they are talking about is not played by Emily VanCamp

Meghan: Revenge is my new favorite show! I'm obsessed. Anything you can share?
Prepare for even more flashback goodness, including "clumsy '90s" Nolan! "Oh, flashback a plenty, yes," Mann says. "Lots of flashback coming. In episode nine, you're going to start to see more of Nolan in the past." Mann says he's excited for the writers "to connect the dots from the person that he was early in that business, and how he made that money, to the person that you see now."

Molly: Is there any chance Christopher Meloni would come back to SVU? I feel like he would come back for a couple episodes...
Er, not likely. Because when we chatted with him recently, he was practically gushing about his post-Law and Order life. "I have the bandwidth back in my head, it's expanding," Meloni tells us. "Life is good. It's exciting. It's different. I couldn't be happier." Sorry, Stabler fans!

Rebecca: Is Cougar Town in danger?
Depends who you ask. ABC did not put the show on its midseason schedule, as you probably heard, but I'm told by multiple show and network sources that the series will most definitely return this season. Just a bit later than expected. I'm told Cougar Town's return date will be announced in January at ABC's day during the Television Critics Association Press Tour. Also hearing some awesome things about the new season, including a very funny storyline for Sarah Chalke and a plot that sends a main character to the hospital.

@pinsleric: excited about Sam's return on Glee. Got any info on that?
We are hearing that Sam will still be after Mercedes! Amber Riley, get ready for a Trouty Mouth closing in for a smooch! We don't want to get you overly excited, but let's just say we'll be getting tons of scoop on Chord Overstreet's big return to Glee real soon. And we'll be getting it from someone very, very close to the situation. As in, he is the situation.


Adam Rose/FOX

dancelikeheya: Anything Brittana related??
Brittany (Heather Morris) is definitely there for her girl Santana (Naya Rivera) during her "coming out tour," as we've started to call it. Yes, Santana will be coming out to more than one person in the next episode: Sue (Jane Lynch), Becky (Lauren Potter), and most importantly…her Grandmother. And we anticipate Brittana fans will be smiling so hard at those two during that scene that their faces will be sore the next day. Also, looks like it's time to put all that Finn vs. Santana nonsense behind us, because the pair (Sinn? Fanta?) reconcile in this weeek's episode.

Casey in Chicago, Ill.: What can you tell us about Glee's big Christmas episode?
Well, Matthew Morrison is directing it, and while he tells us that everyone was definitely in the Christmas spirit, he didn't take his directing gig lightly. "[The first person I directed was] Jane Lynch," he says. "I came over and she says, 'Before you say anything, I would just like to remind you that I have an Emmy and I was just nominated for a People's Choice Award.'" And what directing note was he going to give her? "Bring it down a bit. No, I'm just kidding!" He better be, because we don't want to live in a world where Sue Sylvester "brings it down."

troyenne: Do you have anything on Rachel from Glee? Especially if it has something to do with Shelby or Quinn?
This has nothing to do with Shelby or Quinn, but we have to share with this with you guys. We just caught wind of a scene involving Rachel (Lea Michele) and Sam that we simply cannot wait to see. It may or may not involve dancing. OK, it does.

Once Upon a Time, Giancarlo Esposito, Lana Parrilla


OnceUponaTimeFR: We saw Snow White, Cinderella and soon Belle will arrive. Which other Fairy princesses can we expect on OUAT?
While we're not sure which princesses will be making appearance in Storybrooke soon, we do know the show is currently casting a "beautiful, alluring and seductive" woman to play the siren. It's almost impossibly for any man to ignore her temptations and we hear she may set her sights on a certain charming man.

Noelle: Some Once Upon a Time scoop would be great! Thanks!
Remember Dr. Whale (David Anders), David's slimy doc who was in cahoots with Regina (Lana Parrilla)? We'll soon learn who he was in the fairy tale realm. Speculate away!

Nick: I do not approve of anyone dying on Once Upon a Time! Any hints?!
We love all the characters so we're bummed to see anyone go…but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. We can officially eliminate Henry and Ruby from the guessing game. Also, Don't forget to vote in our OUAT death pool!

Jessi_RS: Any scoop on The Lying Game's Ethan and Emma? Thanks.
From what we're hearing, Ethan (Blair Redford) and Emma (Alexandra Chando) will be going strong when the ABC Family show returns, much to her (or, you know, Sutton's) father Ted's (Andy Buckley) dismay. In fact, the couple is going so strong, there's a moment so cute in episode 13 that might just melt fans' hearts. Also, the show is currently casting a love interest, named Ryan, for Mads (Alice Greczyn).

The Mentalist, Simon Baker

Colleen Hayes/Warner Bros

Carin in Arnhem, Gelderland: Anything on The Mentalist? It's been so long since we were given any clue on where this season is going.
Not sure if this bit of Mentalist scoop will tell you exactly where this season is going, but it's something…so you'll take what you can get! An upcoming episode of the Simon Baker procedural will have our team entering a truly dangerous and dark world: the world of fashion. We're worried about Jane dealing with those models; how could he possibly concentrate on the details when everything is so…fake?

Jane in Columbus, Ohio: I need me some Nikita!
When we talked with our new favorite boy scout Sean, aka Dillon Casey, he told us that Nikita's fall finale is going to be quite the game of Russian roulette. "Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is going to discover some sketchy things about her family that might produce some inner-conflicts within her and maybe not so black and white within her world anymore." Hopefully Sean will be there for Alex and their long-awaited love will finally bloom. Yay!

Rachel in Tenn.: I loved your article with Dillon Casey, he seems like such a cool guy!
Cool? No way, hot is more like it. In fact Dillon is just so steamy that he is forgoing clothes in the Nikita winter premiere. "I'm pretty much shirtless the entire episode so that should be exciting. I just got a brand new tan, and I'm doing the Navy SEAL workout." Um…yes please! Not only will we get to see some serious eye-candy on January 6th, the episode is supposed to be heart-pounding. Casey teases, "It's amazing; I get goosebumps reading it."

Sara in Phoenix, Ariz.: Kristin! Do you expect NBC's Smash to be the NBC version of a Glee spinoff? It looks like what I would expect from a Glee spinoff, but what's your take?
They're both musical-driven shows, but that's where the similarities end with Glee and Smash. For starters, Smash is set entirely in the world of Broadway, and you won't find any standard high school drama from this group. That being said, Glee fans will certainly enjoy Smash. Tell you what, we just might have crashed the set of Smash recently (OK, we totally did), so we'll let the cast tell you why the show isn't just a Glee copycat. Stay tuned!

American Horror Story

Prashant Gupta / FX

kristenmichele: PLEASE tell me we haven't seen the last of Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears on #AmericanHorrorStory. I love them!!
We love them more! Sorry, it's not a contest. But we are overjoyed to report that we see them again in this week's episode of AHS, titled "Rubber Man." We'll get a real, um, in-depth insight into Chad (Quinto) and Patrick's (Sears) relationship and where/why it started to go wrong. And we get to see Quinto in head-to-toe latex, which is pretty awesome. But is he the mysterious Rubber Man who slept with Vivien (Connie Britton)? That is something we cannot spoil. But just know that it's a truly killer reveal.

Jeanette in Northville, Mich.: This week's AHS looks soooo good. I'll take any scoop you got!
One of our favorite parts of "Rubber Man?" Kate Freaking Mara. She makes a sensational return as Hayden, Ben's (Dylan McDermott) jilted ex-lover haunting the house. She's very popular with the other ghosts in the house. Almost like…a puppet-master. Her role in the episode raises some very interesting questions.

Lisa: Thanks for all the Gossip Girl scoop! Any other tidbits from the 100th episode party?
Kaylee DeFer
(Ivy/Charlie) tells us: "I think Max desperately wants to expose Ivy. Whether or not he's successful, I don't know if he has the chops. But I think she's interested in Van Der Woodsens. She doesn't care much about Nate or Max. I think she is just more so all about the family than anything else at this point." When asked if she thinks Nate and Ivy would make a good couple, Kaylee tells us: "I think so. I think that she is kind of a hopeless romantic and he is in his sense as well. I think they'd be a great couple, plus I really would like to work with Chace. I love working with Chace, so I think that would be awesome."

bagelsvswaffles: Teen Wolf. Apparently, it's started filming season two. So, to quote Buffy Summers, "What do you know?"
Quoting Buffy? You earn a gold star for excelling at life! Congratulations! As for Teen Wolf, prepare to meet at least two new wolves this season who will be part of Derek's (Tyler Hoechlin) pack, Isaac and Erica, who  both become more confident and attractive after being bitten. Thanks, Derek!

hezzy76: oh for the love of all things hot please anything vampire diaries!
You want hot? Then hot is what you shall get! The show is currently looking for a handsome, tall and physically imposing guy to take on the possibly recurring role of Finn (Glee shout-out?!). While he's quiet, Finn does have a dark side. Any casting suggestions! Hit us up in the comments!

Jim Parsons, Big Bang Theory


@hockeygirl1171: anything on The Big Bang Theory??
Mayim Bialik
tells us that when it comes to Amy and Sheldon, you ain't seen nothing yet! And yes, it pains us to write a double negative, but we're so distracted by the BBT emotional roller coaster we've been on this season that we don't care! "It's been a really big season," Bialik says. "There's been a lot of movement for Jim Parson's character and mine. There are some upcoming episodes that are dipping a toe into a lot of new emotions for them both and I've even been surprised, so it's going to be fun."

@jvento: Please give us some Psych or Covert Affairs scoop! My USA shows need some love. :)
You obviously have excellent taste, but we've got some bittersweet news for you. Dec. 6 marks the second-season finale of Covert Affairs, and it's a real tear-jerker—especially for Auggie-Annie shippers. After receiving some terrible news, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) abandons Annie (Piper Perabo) along with his hope for a different future. Sadface! At least we have Psych to cheer us up: Its midseason finale (Dec. 14 ), "Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat," serves up a double serving of 9021­-awesome with original Beverly Hills star Jason Priestley guesting alongside the relaunched series' Lori Loughlin.  

Rob627: Walking Dead scoop?
If you thought certain storylines were dragging out more slowly than a Walker without legs, you'll appreciate the conclusion to Sunday's midseason finale—once (if?) you recover from the shock, that is. And Daryl (Norman Reedus)—that ol' softie—has officially lost his title as the group's volatile killer to Shane (Jon Bernthal) and his rage.

BONES, Emily Deschanel,David Boreanaz

Greg Gayne/FOX

Wes in Los Gatos, Calif: Bones!
The Dec. 1 episode, "The Male in the Mail," will be a real treat for longtime fans of Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz). There is a scene at the end between those two that is so moving and so touching, if you aren't at the very least tearing up, you are a robot and we must find and kill you before you take over the planet! And then of course there is this line: "Do you mind if I spend the whole evening naked?"

Quinn in Sadieville, Ky: Raising Hope scoop please! Preferably Sabrina and Jimmy. :)
Last week we told you all about Jimmy (Lucas Neff) and Sabrina's (Shannon Woodward) mischievously cute moments pretending to be husband and wife in the Thanksgiving episode. You're welcome! But now it's looking like Jimmy doesn't want to stop playing make-believe. In episode 14, "Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend," the single dad meets Stephie, an improv actress who looks a lot like Sabrina. Hmmm, could we be smelling the faint scent of jealousy in the air? Hopefully this look-a-like will be the final tipping point that the real Sabrina needs to realize that she and Jimmy are positively perfect together.

@coley2020 Heard there was a character death on #Ringer. Any idea who it is?
We recently chatted with Ioan Gruffudd and he leads us to believe that rumor is false, "I can't imagine there will be anybody disappearing at the moment. We'll be discovering a lot of new things about other characters that were led down a certain path and we weren't sure what was going to happen." Speaking of disappearing characters, Ioan teases that Siobhan (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is not long gone, "I think it is going to be inevitable that she comes back at this point, I think it is going to be hard to sustain that. If you keep watching, there will be something juicy in the next couple of weeks." Ohhh, can't wait to see what it is!

Jane Levy, Jeremy Sisto, Suburgatory


Olivia in Hartford, Conn: Suburgtory is by far my favorite new show and it keeps getting better!
Well then get ready because guess what?! Ms. Evans is coming to Suburgatory! (Nope, sorry gleeks, she's not Sam's mom.) She's a super funny and totally hip poetry teacher from San Francisco and in Tessa's (Jane Levy) eyes she can do no wrong. We'll be seeing Tessa jump at any chance to please her new Chatswin faculty fave in episode 16, "Poetic Injustice."

Alexandra in Salt Lake City, Utah: Anything on Suburgatory would be superb!
Gobble gobble Suburbanites! It's Thanksgiving in Chatswin, but Tessa (Jane Levy) has left her heart and appetite back in Manhattan, though when she decides to go back for a visit she discovers a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Lisa Shay (Allie Grant) is trying to win her first argument with her mom (Anna Gasteyer) and our abs are now sore from laughing so hard. But the most hilarious moments are definitely the brief interactions between Dalia (Carly Cahikin) and new puppy Yakult and, in case you were wondering, Yakult is named after a pro-biotic drink and is "some kind of doodle." Bottom-line: you don't want to miss this episode.

Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Leanne Aguilera

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