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    Pirates, Muppets, Smurfs, Oh My! Five Funtastic Toys for the Holidays

    Smurfs Toys JAKKS Pacific

    Hey kids…can't get enough of Captain Jack Sparrow? What about Kermit and Miss Piggy's happy reunion? Or better yet...Smurfette! (Hubba-hubba.)

    Well, we're making a list and checking it twice.

    With the holidays fast approaching, here's a roundup of the most sought-after stocking stuffers based on the year's biggest movies...

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    Disney Toys Disney

    Lego Black Pearl: Licensed by Disney from its mega-popular Pirates of the Caribbean flicks, this Lego masterpiece is a treasure to behold, ye hearties. The fastest ship on the seas, the Black Pearl set features 804 pieces, fabric sails, and six mini-figures, among them Sparrow, Will Turner, Bootsrap Bill and that ghostly tentacled terror Davy Jones. (Lego, $100)

    Ms. Piggy, Walter Disney

    Muppets: It's time to get things started, on the most sensantional, inspirational, celebrational, Muppet-ational 3-inch figures a kid could want. Kermit, Miss Piggy and company are back and better than ever in the franchise reboot, The Muppets. And in honor of the occasion, Disney's got a slew of plush dolls of Jim Henson's fuzzy friends exclusively at the Disney Store and, including Walter, the gang's newest member. Watch out, Kermie! (Disney, medium size $16.50, large size $39.50)

    Real Steel, Toys JAKKS Pacific

    Reel Steel WRB Main Event Ring: Along with a line of robot Rockys with armored chest cavities, light-up limbs and interchangeable accessories, there's this Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot-esque battle with sound effects from the film. Hugh Jackman not included. (Jakks Pacific, $30)

    Kate Hudson, Ryder Robinson

    Smurf plushes: While Katy Perry got the nod to voice Smurfette in the CGI-live action hit The Smurfs, we're pretty sure Kate Hudson wouldn't have minded stepping into the role. While the movie didn't exactly wow the critics, the six snuggable plush characters, including Papa Smurf,  Brainy, Gutsy and Grouchy, are sure to delight the young ones. Clumsy Smurf apparently has a fan in Hudson's young son, Ryder. (Jakks Pacific, suggested retail price $10 each)

    Disney Toys Disney

    Lightning McQueen Alive: The little ones will have a grand time with this awesome robotic car that not only has the power to drive around by itself, thanks to cutting-edge micro technology (we're talking complete 360s here, folks), but also blinks his eyes, shrugs his shoulders and moves a life-like mouth to trademark phrases voiced by Owen Wilson. Cool things come in small packages. (Mattel, $50)

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