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Dear Ted:
I know Hollywood encourages its actresses to get "enhancements" and "cosmetic" surgeries to look more desirable. So I was curious how many of the six Glee gals have gotten some plastic surgery? Now I'm not talking about Dianna Agron possibly fixing a nose that had been previously broken. But I was wondering how many of the Gleeks did the voluntary extras? And have any of the males done any too?
—Nip Tuck 

Dear Cut and Tell:
Heather Morris had breast implants but has since removed them. Otherwise, the Glee gals are pretty plastic free—at least, nothing they're willing to fess up to. With that said, there are tons of tricks of that trade that can help you fill out a bigger bra (or whatever) without going under the knife. It's called smoke and mirrors, babe.

Dear Ted:
There are people who say that Robert Pattinson is way more into Kristen Stewart than she is with him, and she's been playing mean head games. Is there any truth to these rumors?

Dear K.Stewing the Pot:
There's truth to the first part, sure, but not the latter half. 

Dear Ted:
So Breaking Dawn is out and it likely did incredibly well at the box office. But critics slammed it ( Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 26%). After all the hype and the talk from the actors/director, how do they feel seeing one negative review after the other? Do they not care because they are making a ton of money? Are they concerned that this could affect any future projects or are just happy that their names are still out there?
—Just curious…

Dear Debbie Downer:
Look, I love the whole Twilight phenom, but if you were expecting The Criterion Collection of the vamp saga, then you are slightly delusional, babe. Love it for what it is and if the critics slam it, let them slam it. Most of the actors don't care, really—they already know they can headline other gigs.

Dear Ted:
I've been hearing from various sources that Emma Roberts has been dating both Chord Overstreet and Zac Efron! Are both of these reports true?

Dear Faux Love Triangle:
Your sources are misguided on this one, M. Well, kinda. Emma and Chord have been linked since earlier this year, but the Zacky stuff is not the real deal. Tho, I'm not surprised there are rumblings, Z.Efron has been single for far too long.

Dear Ted:
Gotta quickie for you, Ted: Why would a woman in H'wood fake a pregnancy? Is there some sort of stigma if you use a surrogate? A few ladies have been cited for allegedly wearing prosthetic bellies, so it made me wonder, why not fess up and admit that someone else carried the load, so to speak?

Dear Duh:
No shame in using a surrogate as far as I'm concerned. But I so don't speak for Hollyweird, and the whole baby bump thing creates insane amounts of tabloid chitchat. Which equals publicity. Which, I don't think I need to tell you, is good. So tons of attention without "ruining" your bikini bod? That's reason to fake it for nine months…

Dear Ted:
Are Adam Lambert and his Finnish boyfriend the real deal? Or just a sham? Maybe even one to cover up a different relationship?

Dear Real Deal:
They're the real deal. And kudos for Adam for trotting him out on red carpets. Love seeing dudes who aren't afraid to show off their partners—‘cause we all know there are tons of guys that love keeping ‘em tucked away.

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