Natalie Wood

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It's getting weirder and weirder.

The newly reopened investigation of the death of actress Natalie Wood almost 30 years ago just took a strange turn. Sources who knew the West Side Story star's husband, Robert Wagner, at the time of Natalie's death say there is "more" to the story.

Really? Do tell:

Oh, but first, let's rewind.

It was ruled by Los Angeles investigators that Wood's 1981 death was "accidental" after she fell of her boat, The Splendour, which was anchored off Catalina Island. On board at the time were Wood's husband, actor Robert Wagner, her's Brainstorm costar, Christopher Walken and the captain of the boat, Dennis Davern.

Wagner maintained at the time that Natalie drowned following an argument first between him and Walken, and later between him and Natalie. But, on the Today show, Davern now makes the startling claim that Wagner asked him not to make a call or turn on the boat's searchlight immediately following Natalie's disappearance, something Davern admits to lying about in his initial report.

Today, sources who knew Walken and Wagner at the time of Wood's death tell me, "This has more to do with [Walken and Wagner] than most people know."

Meaning what?

"Ask them," said one of our sources, mysteriously.

Reps for both stars are not budging with too much detail, so far.

Wagner claims that the three actors were drinking on the yacht when Wagner and Walken got into an argument. In his 2009 memoir, Pieces of My Heart, Wagner admits to smashing a wine bottle to pieces, at which point Wood retired to her room. He says that when he returned to their room, she was missing.

The Austin Powers star has released a statement saying he "fully supports" the current investigation. He added that he doesn't care to hear from those he feels are trying to "profit" off his late wife's death, implication apparently being Davern.

Walken has stayed quiet throughout and his initial police report has not been released to the public, but has just hired litigation specialist Matthew Rosengart to represent him in the case. His rep declined to comment on the re-opened case.

The police have released statements that neither man—Wagner or Walker—are suspects in this latest investigation.

What the hell really happened back then?

When Davern was asked on Today if Wagner is responsible for Wood's death, he responded "yes."

Natalie Wood's body was found after a seven-hour search floating off the coast of Catalina. Her autopsy report revealed "numerous bruises" to her legs and arms and a facial abrasion on her left cheek. She was fully clothed except for shoes and her blood alcohol level was .14 percent.

Was something besides booze responsible for the terrible occurrences all those years ago?

With all this he said/he said stuff flying, we dare say yes.

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